Tuesday, December 21, 2010

#reverb10: future self

(what day 20 (beyond avoidance) was all about)

day 21 prompt ... Imagine yourself five years from now. What advice would you give your current self for the year ahead? (Bonus: Write a note to yourself 10 years ago. What would you tell your younger self?)
(Author: Jenny Blake)

(my commitment to myself for stream-of-conscious writing ... excited to see what pops up as i type!)

tea in hand and the coast in view ... my advice would start off something like this -
" ... just want to encourage you - find a great place to create and post your reverb10 "vision board" (or something like-kind for visual cues) to remind you of what have accomplished, your work-in-progress, your aspirations, and your ability to express yourself in writing. and by the way, if you keep up the great healthy habits, you'll be excited to know that you CAN get off of meds to manage blood pressure and cholesterol."
- and with a supportive tenor, i would add something like this -
"... and do continue to delight! continue to be your authentic self, and you'll figure your place in (or out) of cubeopolis."
cubeopolis world ... it is a bit of a chore at cubeopolis - with others surrounding who excuse their lack of forthrightness and accountability because it-had-to-be-done-that-way;you're-not-my-boss perspective, their gossipy-antics because others do it, their inability to make change happen because of an it-can't-be-done;why-bother? attitude, and their shortcomings at the expense of others. me? i've kicked myself for those oh-so-few moments when i've been sucked in to gossip-moments and going along with the stagnant flow, so to speak ...

(WOW! i promised myself stream-of-conscious writing ... there you have it!)

choosing a different path ... yet with all the imperfections of others (and myself, included) and many who also care - i have chosen a different path, a different path of conduct. and for that, i am thankful to continue meeting like-minded people while being challenged with nay-sayers, to experience change albeit slower than i am used to experiencing change, and to be the change i would like to see in the world (so says ghandi) and in cubeopolis (so says shirlnutkin).

- Bonus: Write a note to yourself 10 years ago. What would you tell your younger self? my little note would say something like ...
never say never. i know you loves you your r|cat, your owning a business rocks your world and others around you, and you enjoy pushing the envelope to breakdown psychographic stereotypes.

sure, you get to make change happen - and quickly - but maybe also keep in mind that change can happen anywhere, albeit at different paces but change - and good change nonetheless. and you still can always be part of that change - make it happen wherever you are. what you're doing now - traveling? fun. meeting hyper-visionary people? priceless. cleaning up the environment? of course. influencing others to clean up the environment? that's you.

fair, forthright, and self-aware? yup, still you. just keep on open mind, acknowledge cues and signs, and give your folks and brother a call to say "hey!" and see what's up!
younger shirlnutkin,
never say never.

(thanks for letting me share.
i chose to put in deep-freeze my business and
opted for (re)entering cubeopolis.
i swore i would NEVER go back to cubeopolis.)


  1. Sometimes "cubeopolis" allows us to get perspective, huh? It'll make it all the more sweet when you are doing your own thing again.

  2. shannon ... thanks so much. i've called my current experience (re)cubeopolis, and indeed - i s'pose the writing is on the wall (errr ... blog).

  3. Big smile on my face. Can you see it? Your words DELIGHT ME! (and hey, if you go deeper on my blog today, you can see the Dream Board I made last night and some of the reflections from it show up in my Reverb post for today!)

    I am so grateful I found you! I know, I am repeating myself and I AM SO GRATEFUL I found you!

    My letters to myself via reverb are here.

  4. i think once you've opted out of the 'game' and often for finanical reasons have to go back into it, at least when you go back into it you know exactly why you're doing it and you know that it's not the only way of living. try and think of the cubicle situation as a temporary one - a transitory situation, not your life!

  5. Thanks la femme. Interestingly enough, I (re)cubeopolized under the agreement I could better engage my mission/vision - while knowingly taking a deep paycut ... which I do not regret. Lesson learned? "Engage" has a different meaning for some. And thanks for reminder of the transitory nature (as shannon also alluded) :) I appreciate your taking time to share!


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