Sunday, December 26, 2010

ssp|potb: sunday morning

shameless self-promotion | pat on the back (aka ssp|potb) back at ya' ... i am taking the gratitude thing a little farther by putting a stake in the cyber-ground just to say "thanks!" perhaps as part of the portfolio of narcissim - call it whatever - regardless, i have decided i will thank others (while thanking myself) for those two things i most enjoy - talking and blogging (and often over food with friends - like this morning, and i'm running late!)

"thank you" to yvette francino ... author of the laptop dancer diaries, whom you can facebook like at the laptop dancer diaries, and where you can visit her blog lessons of love from a laptop dancer. you have unknowingly reminded me of the fun dating stories and the importance of relationships. and i really appreciate the post-christmas mention of girlnutkin.

"thank me" ... for choosing the reverb10 experience over other priorities because i LOVE the random luck of coming across yvette's blog on day 24 among the many others i was reading, commenting, etc. i have posted reverb10 daily while visiting, commenting, and/or tweeting on at least thirteen other reverb10 participants' posts (my baker's dozen rule) - ALL PRIOR TO my one-hour-ish commute into cubeopolis - and/or into the wee hours after commuting home from cubeopolis.

"thank you, yvette" ... for sharing your story about your love for your friend craig dunham and for your lovely idea - giving the perfect gift - the gift of love - audio love to our loved ones! clearly you value relationships.

"thank me" ... for balling out my eye water, while reading yvette's day 24 reverb10 of everything's o.k. - that included a link to her final conversation with craig. i am speechless and humbled, as one should be - in a needed moment of silence and deep breaths.

thank you/me
for sharing and valuing relationships.

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  1. Oh my goodness! Thank you, YOU, for such a wonderful and kind heart! Now you are the one who is the woman-who-moved-me-to-tears! There is nothing that warms my heart more than reading such kind words from someone who doesn't even know me.

    OK, this deserves another post on MY blog!


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