Friday, December 3, 2010

#reverb10: moment

(what day 2 (writing) was all about)

day 3 prompt ... Pick one moment during which you felt most alive this year. Describe it in vivid detail (texture, smells, voices, noises, colors).
(- Author: Ali Edwards)

adolfo (aka adolofo moments?) ... this is the first "moment" that popped into my head when i read the prompt early in the morning. each moment i have spent with adolfo, i feel differently and most alive. make sense? (read on)

first, my back story for this morning's choice of adolfo as my moment ...
i was completely puzzled. "adolfo? moment?" i thought this morning, "no, that does not make sense because adolfo is an artist/painter - whom i see periodically throughout the year at art festivals. i will wait until i can choose from several moments."

and indeed, several other moments - a few of these moments that others would likely consider relatively profound - came to mind as my day continued. some of these other moments included over-the-top hilarity, pensive reflection resulting from grave sadness, spiritual awareness, or the witnessing the unbelievable beauty of nature.

however, adolfo remained swirling among these moments. and now, i believe i understand why. each moment i have had a chance to spend with adolfo, albeit short-lived, is the place for me to be - physically, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually - at that moment in time. effortless. meaningful. provocative. inspiring. authentic.

the moment i chose ... an afternoon conversation i spent (during the los altos rotary club art show, fine art in the park) with adolfo at his art show festival booth.

"... describe ... - texture, smells, voices, noises, colors ...

on the surface ...
my mid-may 2010 moment with adolfo would appear to anyone watching us talk as if we simply were two people catching up. we sat in camping chairs nearby his booth watching prospective buyers entertain the idea of purchasing adolfo's and other neighboring artists' labors of love. we were among the voices and laughter of strangers walking by, barking dogs, occasional light breezes, green grass with fallen brown leaves randomly strewn along the festival park-grounds, the roughness of bark from an aging tree, cars slowly driving along the frontage road behind , shiny metal jewelry, a rainbow of colors of semi-precious and precious gem stones, blonde-colored wood carvings with dark wood inlays, and garlic -- garlic from the smell of festival foods.

within my heart and soul ... we were two people catching up since the last art festival. we spoke - as we always have at these art festivals - about our experiences and decisions ranging from the trivial and insignificant to the broad sweeping life-changing decisions made and those still being pondered. we spoke of old and new friendships, intimate relationships, loving pictures and stories of pets, frustrations with work, pop culture gossip, occasional current events, and other random details of life-lived and life-observed for which those passing by might say our conversation sounded like strangers talking during a cross-country airplane flight.

while we occasionally looked around at the neighboring artisans' booths, i recall a snippet of our conversation feeling somewhat magical. surrounding voices were crisper and colors looked (and even felt) more vivid. meanwhile, adolfo's words resonated deeply with me both in tone and meaning, and i felt my own voice carry a much different tonal quality. we were speaking with raw and unedited candor.

authenticity ... this is the moment when i became aware that our seemingly reader's digest version of sharing life's stories was and has been (and perhaps will be) those moments when i am reminded of the value of being true to myself and to those around me - being aware of the couplings of self-doubt and self-esteem, caution and spontaneity, purposefulness and randomness, ignorance and knowledge, living boldly and living quietly, snap judgments and patience, acceptance and denial. neither is better than the other and neither is worse than the other.
a simple conversation with adolfo
has reminded me about being human.

confession ... similar to thursday,
i wrote this response afterwards, on saturday, dec 4 at ~7:30 AM

because sometimes friday night is, well, friday night.
(thank you for accepting my re-dating of this post.)

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