Monday, December 13, 2010

hipmtfn (ttAR): new book for finding people for our cause

tyler's book is coming out this week ... and it's called guerrilla influence formula. last week he was offering a couple of copies as part of his roll-out - win a free copy of guerrilla influence formula - which comes out tomorrow.

interestingly, tyler's post came the day after my friends and i had attended chris guillebeau's unconventional book tour where chris meet with people whose psychographics are shared in the art of nonconformity. and in tyler's post this morning - be unreasonably reasonable - tyler points to chris as one of several examples.

here's part of tyler's book sneak peek ...
"the big launch of Advanced Riskology’s flagship product, Guerrilla Influence Formula. The purpose of the product, as I’ve explained before, is to help you find more followers for your cause.

If you’re a blogger, a small, online business owner, or especially a blogging small online business owner, then GIF is geared just for you. Over the last two months, I’ve been carefully piecing together everything I know about getting people to care about your important message as much as you do."

honing my message ... although not necessarily unique and perhaps one that some may say - "been there, done that" - i feel in me a nagging for cultural transformation among those in the environmental professional field, or the environmental landscape. so saturday, i threw in my 2-cents of an unrefined response (click image to the right) and unrefined, indeed ...
“apprenternship” – to create a cultural transformation in the conventional workforce based on authenticity, mutual mentoring, legacy building, and servant leadership...
blah-dee-blah-me-yesterday ... "apprentern" - a word born out of an internship program i created for my practice earlier in the decade, i asked a friend if the mash-up word "apprentor" may be more fitting and work for the concept - apprentice + mentor = apprentor. the conversation quickly devolved into apprentee -manatee - skeletor - apprentoror - ... meh, not quite there, but it's close and coming closer.

me-think-more-this-morning ... while getting ready for my cubeopolis commute, i am still pondering this apren-skele-mentern-thing. already i am helping a friend who wants to affect the internship process in at least our corner of the environmental landscape - especially the process of how we hire and retain. i am finding that when people choose to contribute to that landscape, there are several core traits shared among those that have painted themselves into that landscape and that want to shape that landscape. and here's the deal -- ANYONE can be part of that field - engineer, scientist, nurse, journalist, librarian, ... - whatever one role(s) in life. in fact, many will engage in a variety roles throughout his/her career.

can't we all just get along? ... the thing is, it's hard enough when people in the landscape are across the proverbial table - business|government, government|communities, communities|business, government|lawyers, ... pick a table, any table. we are often expected to peacock-around with a specific persona. or we are shocked that if someone in a for-profit setting actually seems to care for the environment, it's either an act or one-step on the path to the more acceptable and noble non-profit setting. i used to use the phrase "... oh, he crossed over." my bias kicked-in in the past. our bias kicks in - they are on the OTHER side of the table. however, worse yet, bias exists among those on the SAME side. (rant & rave set-aside for now because i will be late to cubeopolis.)

it's just a freaking table ... i want to reset that table. i want to show a landscape where bias can be addressed across the table and among those at the table, a place we sit at where we realize it starts with ourselves. a place where we can heal the earth.

mash-me-up-a-word ... now if i could at least find me a mash-up word to help me capture this, then i don't have to explain with a paragraph first. the same concepts of apprenternship are part of it - authenticity, mutual mentoring, legacy building, servant leadership - and now there is this other element of ignorance and knowledge (which also fascinates me).

task for the day:

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