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#reverb10: core story

(what day 30 (gift) was all about)

day 31 prompt ... What central story is at the core of you, and how do you share it with the world? (Bonus: Consider your reflections from this month. Look through them to discover a thread you may not have noticed until today.)
(Author: Molly O'Neill)

(my commitment to myself for stream-of-conscious writing ... excited to see what pops up as i type!)

one-third of the way there ... on day 29 (defining moment), i found myself revisiting reverb10 posts for cubeopolis themes. 10 posts on cubeopolis - actually, more like 10.5 posts including yesterday's day 30 gift. so i will take the bonus nudge and look at the remaining 20.5 posts for other threads.


from a light-hearted-ish and/or lessons-learned perspective ...
stories, although not necessarily core stories for which i yip-yap, include - merpes, thank you gifts, telephone phone tag, and reaching out. and what are these stories? they are more like lessons learned that have shaped my life's decisions ...
  • merpes ... circa late 80s.
    mouth herpes. no, i don't have mouth herpes, but here is the deal. confession: when i was younger, random suck-face moments at dance clubs, bars, and parties were not uncommon - although they certainly also were not commonplace occurrences. they were simply random suck-face moments. not lots of them - but enough. (one side note: i do know the names of ALL those i have kissed. somewhere along the way, someone i knew (or someone who knew someone or maybe something i made up in my dreams) got mouth herpes. i know. total bummer.
    • lesson learned ... think twice (and bring a swab for a cheek-check? j/k) before those random suck-face moments.
  • thank you gifts ... circa 1994.
    "i absolutely love that colorful dress. you look fabulous in that dress!" she said.
    i said, "oh, this? i just found this over the weekend, i ...".
    she interrupted, "uhm ... please don't take away the gift i gave you - you have brightened my day. i think this is the time where you can say thank you."
    i hugged her, and said, "thank you."
    since then, i welcome those opportunities for being grateful - simple compliments, high-five moments, unexpected shoulder to cry on, ... goddess asphalta with an awesome parking space in the middle of SF's mission district, ...
    • lesson learned ... there is much to be thankful, and we are presented with those opportunities EVERY DAY - even when we can acknowledge our own awesomeness. oh! and don't forget to say "you're welcome."
  • telephone phone tag ... circa early '90s.
    how to tell this in short-version?
    i was playing phone tag with a guy named andy for more than 2 weeks. when i didn't receive a return call after another week, i called every other day because of the urgency (perceived or real) of the matter. then i spoke with another person with whom i vented about andy not returning my call. after my rant and rave, i was told he had died over the weekend. (i know. thump went my heart and then i self-flogged for days.)
    • lesson learned ... don't make assumptions; be kind.
  • reaching out ... circa 2010.
    i wrote about it a this year's moment on day 24 everything's o.k..
    more than a decade ago, i often (nearly always) presented at conferences on my own dime (from california to wisconsin, maryland, d.c., toronto, etc.) because of my passion of what i was sharing with others. a gentleman followed-up via email after a conference presentation i gave, thanking me for the time i took after the presentation session to answer more of his questions personally and later banter over dinner. months later, he sent an email saying he would be able to apply what he had learned to evolve his thought process and business ideas. seems trivial. it wasn't for me - and it wasn't for him.

    a little extra sparkle to a thank you moment ... i can tell you that i reach out likely (and hopefully) EVERYTIME i get that feeling - that feeling of an inexplicable connection (via flash-seconds or after hours of conversation), a deja vu moment, a little something-in-my-belly, or goosebumps marching on my skin. in fact, my guess is, it has become so much part of my fiber. i was recently pleasantly reminded via my new virtual (and now not-so-virtual) friend, yvette, who wrote about it for her reverb10 day 27 ordinary joy. i left a simple blog post comment for her, and of course, i thank her for reaching out.
    • lesson learned ... reach out. it's a hug fest that everyone deserves!
(a gift from a friend - painted metal placard in home
also tells a little bit about my central story)

- bonus: Consider your reflections from this month. Look through them to discover a thread you may not have noticed until today. after looking at the remaining 20.5 posts - here are a few more threads to contribute to the fabric of my core stories for the remaining two-thirds ...
  • i value friends and family ... i have mentioned friends as part of reverb10 posts or as part of 'tweener blog posts. and although i have not posted much about my family on my blog, i do spend time with them - immediate and extended. and i valued sharing on day 12 body integration about visiting my dad's gravesite.
  • i make lists and mindmap ... several reverb10 posts were followed by lists and mind mapping - some in journals, others on napkins, the back of envelopes, on my phone. it's what i do - brainstorming, lists, mindmaps, doodles, ... and i'm excited about pulling a vision board together as shared in day 21 future self, keying off of some of the ideas in gwen bell's how to create your personal manifesto, and seeing where tyler's guerilla influence formula will take me for some ideas i have at cubeopolis. lists posted on the blog during december ...
  • i reflect, am introspective, and am expressive in my writing ... after reading many of my posts, i had not realized how internal i delve and how much i express my thoughts in my writing.
all this AND i loves me my fiber breaks!

thanks reverb10 community!


(thank you for letting me share.)

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