Wednesday, December 1, 2010

nutshell: november 2010

recapping the month of november ... because of the random order of topics, for ease of reminiscing-ish, nutshell is my recaps at the end of each month.

on transforming ... i read blogs and pass my time in a variety of ways.
on pop culture and nostalgika ... stuff pops in my head and often it is pop culture, nostalgika, or some viral whatever-thingy forwarded to me (and many others).cubeopolis life ... cubeopolis (aka where i work) has been a mix of reminiscing and current activity. this month also spawned the beginning of "r|cubicle" or (re)cubicle - kind of a subset of cubeopolis intended to be my thoughts on re-entering a cubicle setting after 13 years of business ownership/self-employment (from out of my home, even!).
going to happy places ... just because
food stuff ... i socialize over food, so a few places to share - il porcini in fremont, nibblers in pleasant hill, grits (at rudy's can't fail cafe, 900 grayson, and lois the pie queen), and césar españa on shattuck in berkeley.

visit with me ... this month i have decided to add a nutshell section some of the sites i have visited - mainly for ease of revisiting and remembering why i even bothered to share something about a site - kind of my accountability web visits, as if someone from cubeopolis were to ask "why did you check out ...?" (and some do - so here is the answer key)
it's december!

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