Saturday, December 11, 2010

#reverb10: 11 (eleven) things

(what day 10 (wisdom) was all about)

day 11 prompt ... What are 11 things your life doesn't need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life?
(- Author: Sam Davidson)

(my commitment to myself for stream-of-conscious writing ... excited to see what pops up as i type!)

i gots me things ... and lots of it. things i touch. voices in my head. stuff i see. sounds i hear.
  1. paper records and paper clutter ... i have lots of folders, banker boxes, etc. to store historical business projects and contracts, tax info, work products, and notes. also hanging around are old bills, magazines, letters, etc. i can see them. i will begin to go digital as much and as often as i can, i will shred, and i will recycle.
    • ... getting rid ... change my life? ... i will feel much more free of the weight of paper and have more physical and emotional space.
  2. dream zappers ... i love TMF's dream zapper wisdom over here. i am taking a bit of inventory in my life among the people i spend time. don't need dream zappers. don't need to get sucked into the dream zapper vortex.
    • ... getting rid ... change my life? ... i will simply be a much happier and energetic person. who doesn't want that?!
  3. extra journals and notebooks that i've not used ... man-oh-man, i loves me cute and/or functional journals. i could start a little shop. really. no really. really, i could. see a cute journal - purchase. i will stop buying extra journals and notebooks. for those unused that i have, i will gift and/or donate them.
    • ... getting rid ... change my life? ... interestingly, i think i'd increase my practice of journaling, especially if i was jonesing for a new one. (heehee) however, i also think it would be neat to have friends and others start journaling - hopefully enjoying the value of journaling (and cuteness of journals).
  4. unhealthy eating habits (with happy meal toys) ... already beginning and engaged in more mindful, healthy practices, i do not need comfort-fast-food. period.
    • ... getting rid ... change my life? ... i will live a healthier life, and i'm gunning to eliminate my high blood pressure (and "freebie" plastic toys that clutter my space - ha!)
  5. impatience ... i have found myself impatient - not often - but every once in a while my impatience creeps up on random things.
    • ... getting rid ... change my life? ... acceptance - i will be more accepting - of peoples' quirks and life's speed bumps. while i have been whittling away at the impatience-bug, i have become less interested in why the heck something isn't moving/happening fast enough and more accepting that it is what it is.
  6. excuses for not exercising ... exercise can happen anytime and anywhere. if i don't get a fix outside because of bad weather, i can exercise inside my home. if i get home late, i can squeeze in a few stretches, a little yoga, maybe even remember the little weights in my guest room.
    • ... getting rid ... change my life? ... i am looking to lead a healthier life and reduce my blood pressure down into the normal range - for good! (i don'ts gotta be my own dream zapper.)
  7. fridge with dying (or dead) left-overs ... occasionally, whether from yesterday's dinner i cooked, a doggy-bag from a fabulous restaurant after dining out with friends, or left-overs from an office potluck, i shouldn't have to fear my fridge and have a merry-go-round-supply of baking soda for the food that lives and then dies in my refrigerator.
    • ... getting rid ... change my life? ... i will make sure at least to keep composting. portion controls - mindful and healthy eating habits - an immediate change. perhaps i'll also start that little garden of veggies, fruits and/or herbs i have thought about. cooking moreoh! and my kitchen will thank me for it - as will my nostrils. [p.s. i'm starting now, in 2010.]
  8. listening to harmful gossip (and throwing in my 2 cents) ... i'm not in grade school and nor do i want to engage in the grade school yippy-yap. listening to gossip is as bad as gossiping, in my mind. at a minimum, i need to make sure i do not gossip, so that i can be an example of still having a social life without gossiping.
    • ... getting rid ... change my life? ... i feel this will result in having quality relationships and ideally more trust and acceptance.
  9. "time-suck" shiny penny ... i mentioned shiny penny in day 2 about writing. there are some shiny penny moments that are truly part of inspiration .. while there other cute shiny pennies that are, frankly, time sinks.
    • ... getting rid ... change my life? ... i am looking to have a fulfilling life with fulfilling shiny pennies - eliminating "time-suck shiny penny" can certainly result in more writing, as well as interacting more with the world around me with more self-awareness.
  10. over-analyzing stuff when decision-making ... perhaps because of my engineering training, when faced with a decision, i analyze pros/cons, seek options, and even enroll others to give perspective. really?! crazy, eh?! i totally know the importance of decision-making. (and i LOVE how tyler expressed this at advanced riskology.)
    • ... getting rid ... change my life? ... i will be purposeful and strident in my decision making because i'll have see eliminating this as being an awesome whirlwind of moving my dreams forward - faster.
  11. retail therapy purchases ... well, although little pick-me-up gifts to myself is fun, i can certainly spend my time doing other activities and spend my money more wisely.
    • ... getting rid ... change my life? ... i will save money and donate money, and i can certainly see how my life can become more simple.
looking forward to less stuff in 2011
and a more enriched life.

(thanks for letting me share your time!)


  1. These are all fantastic. And I'm definitely on board with 1, 2 and 6. Best of luck getting rid of these. Thanks for participating!

  2. sam, thanks much! and have fun with a little less in 2011! and you are very welcome.

  3. Hiya,

    Thanks for stopping by...Love your blog and I look forward to visiting you again x

  4. Shirl, I love the shiny penny moments...try not to miss them all!



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