Monday, December 13, 2010

#reverb10: action

(what day 12 (body integration) was all about)

day 13 prompt ... When it comes to aspirations, it’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen. What’s your next step?
(- Author: Scott Belsky)

(my commitment to myself for stream-of-conscious writing ... excited to see what pops up as i type!)

precursor to mini-epiphany, perhaps ... i saw this prompt and thought, "oh shit! there goes my stream-of-consciousness. i know it's something about this "apprenternship" idea in my head and sketched out on crazy-papers, but i can't quite ... grasp ... what ... it's about."

environmental professional development ... back in 1994 during my crazy-paper epiphany time, which i described in my day 1 prompt for my 2010 word of reconnect, i left corporate america for something - something that was still me and something that was not in that building. loved most of the people, liked many others, and a few were a bit nails-on-chalkboard & chew-on-foil for me, however, i saw how my mission, vision, values did not quite mesh with that setting, so i left to leave and to create my own path. that was fun. fast-forward to this decade - back in a cubeopolis setting and around people who do share the mission, vision, and values - at least i'd like to think so.

- what’s your next step? well, perhaps not perceived as a "tangible" step, but it is to me - i have to hone my message. it's just bubbling around and swirling.

this morning was a complete surprise to me - i wrote this other blog post that's my mini-rant-rave-pseudo-ah-ha moment. so as i stated in the other post -
task for the day:
... and crazy paper time is just around the corner for me ... this means that an action plan, mission, vision, values, legacy defining, late nights being the mad-scientist around this ... is coming to fruition. crazy paper makes it happen for me, and i take crazy paper and look to make it happen around me!

(thanks for letting me share your time!)


  1. I think you make a ton of stuff happen every day, Shirl. You just do it in a nonlinear and super-fast way. This post makes me like/love you even more than I already did. What is "Crazy Paper"? Does that mean what I think it means? UHHHHH.. CLEAN YOUR OFFICE CHANGE YOUR LIFE...

  2. thanks for feedback! crazy paper is actually not what you think. it's tracing paper i use to brainstorm. i'll take a pic at some point1


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