Tuesday, December 7, 2010

#reverb10: community

(what day 6 (make) was all about)

day 7 prompt ... Where have you discovered community, online or otherwise, in 2010? What community would you like to join, create or more deeply connect with in 2011?
(- Author: caligater)

cyccyl (aka clean your closet, change your life) ... my friend, kit, is creating a wonderful woman-centered, on-line (and also not on-line) community interested in clean your closet, change your life (or cyccyl). just in its growing stage since october, an evolving (and revolving) number of women have been joining kit's biweekly teleconference workshops. for the most part, we've come together through word of month and through a growing online presence. we are essentially part of kit's experience as she is in the process of co-authoring a book about her system involving focus, ask, clean, believe, and receive - a kind of law of attraction + empty space-filling wrapped into a fun bundle of literally (and/or figuratively) cleaning house (or office or ... you name it!).

cheerleader for cyccyl ... i have known kit since 1995 and figured i definitely would serve as one of her main cheerleaders on journey - brainstorming, giving feedback, and being present. i also figured it would be a great idea to sit in on each of her teleconference workshops, time permitting. well, i have made that time! i had no idea how powerful this experience would be (and will continue to become) - being connected to other women also interested in and practicing kit's cyccyl system. and i had no idea this would evolve into a community!

kindred spirits, perhaps ... i love how we women - once strangers - trust the process enough to share openly and honestly about those things in our life we want to manifest. the cyccyl calls include women who believe (or even do not believe) in the law of attraction, however, we all are giving it a whirl in our life. i gave it a whirl back in the late '90s when the book was not even in the line of sight, and i thought kit was just being a drill sergeant about my cleaning house! nevertheless, i'm excited to be part of this community and looking forward to others who stumble upon it!

- What community would you like to join, create or more deeply connect with in 2011?

i don't quite know what community i would like to join, because i don't know if it is/they are even out there. however, i wrote a few thoughts earlier this week about what i really feel i should do though have put on the back-burner ...
  • "apprentern" ... a mash-up of apprentice and intern. a community where we could share ideas about enhancing the intern-employer experience. i have had an approach which i used several years ago when i had my own business. it was centered around mutual benefits between the intern and employer - one where both were accountable for the experience and one where an intern would feel a sense of empowerment. although i have been trying to integrate it as part of cubeopolis, i have not quite found a community at work (yet) or elsewhere around this idea.
  • ignorance and knowledge ... i had what was a very powerful experience back in 2007, and simply stated, it has changed me. since then, i have had a burning desire to further learn and be around people versed in the topics of ignorance and knowledge. every once in a while, i'll pop up with thoughts when i observe a certain prejudice or bias in action. (here are thoughts i have shared on my blog.)
  • environmental professional development ... perhaps not quite what it sounds like, but essentially, it is kind of the mash-up of the apprentern and ignorance/knowledge communities. helping those who care of the environment and who work in enviromental positions keep his/her voice regardless of the work setting. for whatever reason, i am surprised at the distinction, bias, and prejudice that comes along with people who immediately label those that care for the environment as one that is more owned by community, non-profit members, government and municipality, and not a trait (of caring for the environment) attributed to people in the for-profit, free market setting. whatever this community is - one that is interested in infusing a sense of authenticity and acceptance that whatever "hat" a person wears, s/he can care for the environment - i want to be part of this.
excited about more cyccyl teleconferences and
looking forward to
meeting other like-minded people in 2011.

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