Saturday, December 25, 2010

#reverb10: photo - a present to yourself

(what day 24 (everything's o.k.) was all about)

day 25 prompt ... Sift through all the photos of you from the past year. Choose one that best captures you; either who you are, or who you strive to be. Find the shot of you that is worth a thousand words. Share the image, who shot it, where, and what it best reveals about you.
(Author: Tracey Clark)

(my commitment to myself for stream-of-conscious writing ... excited to see what pops up as i type!)

photos from 2010 ... go figure - this motivates me to consolidate my pics from my camera, my camera phone, and emails with pics from others' cameras.

thousand words picture ... i'm the one with the exposed belly (and i did land on my feet).

back story ... emma, my friend jen's daughter, asked if i would hang out with her flat traveler (via flat stanley fame), and therefore aka flat emma. "of course!" i told jen, my soul sistah.

trilogy of flat emma in the SF bay area ... what resulted was a 3 part jaunt around the bay area with flat emma - part 1 of where i live and some dim sum with a friend, part 2 of driving (and stopping here and there) around a portion of the 49-mile SF scenic drive, and part 3 of attempting to complete the remaining portion of the scenic drive with two other friends. for part 3, we started at golden gate park (which is where i left off at part 2 of my flat emma adventure), and we ended part 3 of the flat emma journey at an oakland brew pub (where there is a pic of flat emma "eating a french fry with a pint of pale ale in front of her") just after stopping for a quick jaunt to the berkeley hills.

- share the image, who shot it, where, and what it best reveals about you. ...the picture i have shared was taken in the berkeley hills, above the uc berkeley campus, near the lawrence hall of science. i'm jumping with my friend nicknamed piragua, while my friend joel is playing photographer (and a great one at that!) - the three of us are the core of breakfast buds who party. and so the pic reveals with a little help from more back story ...
  • fun, being alive, and enjoyment ... i can't imagine not having fun. and jumping is fun. it's hard not to enjoy jumping (presuming the knees don't fail you). absent jumping, i love the "weeee" moments in life - indoors and outdoors. i can feel it in the picture!
  • belly ... yup, i carry extra weight. not in the optimal healthiest of ranges yet much better off compared to more than 5 years ago. i have been leading a much healthier lifestyle and am determined because my future self said so.
  • friends near and far ... i like hanging out with friends near and far, virtually and in-person. smaller groups are my preferred, yet i'll venture into the masses, as well.
    (this little adder pic? breakfast buds (L to R) moi, joel, piragua - new year's day 2010)
  • better late than never ... (back story) i was a bit on the tardy side getting flat emma back to vermont. admittedly, i can be a bit tardy, here and there. with that said, my emergency should not be someone else's problem. (i'm working on this and doing much better.)
  • driving ... (back story) maybe it's the 15 years i spent in southern california or simply the many places i enjoy are not in my backyard (not within 5-miles), so i drive, and i don't mind it so much. diffuse as the points of interests and as the homes of friends around the greater bay area, i'm there.
there is much more i can say as far as back story, but i'll stop there and simply (re)thank jen for her (and emma's) patience and for the "weeee!" moments i so much enjoy.


(thanks for letting me share.)


  1. Oh, I love, love, love, love each and every bit of this photo and the story, Shirley. Sounds like a heavenly experience in so many ways!

    Here is my "Me" photo!

  2. We all need more WEEE moments! I take a snide looks in stride while enjoying many wee moments with my lovely children!

    love you much,



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