Friday, December 10, 2010

#reverb10: wisdom

(what day 9 (party) was all about)

day 10 prompt ... What was the wisest decision you made this year, and how did it play out?
(- Author: Susannah Conway)

write from the heart - because it can be freeing ... hindsight is 20-20 - that's what i realize about a decision i made on october 25 of this year - i believe it may be the wisest decision - but again, that is in hindsight. yes, although i have other decisions such as - activities supporting my health, improving relationships with family and friends, getting finances into order, etc. - something magical happened on october 25.

long story short ... the short story to the long story (over here) is that i expressed an interest in a position at work; a resume was required to state one's interest. in addition to the resume, i penned a two page cover memo, and it was as if the content took over. my cover memo gave birth to a two page attachment. i found my stream-of-consciousness writing taking me down a path that i remember thinking was crazy. i included the 2 pages that make up my mission, vision, and value statements (shared on reverb10 day 1).

... and how did it play out?

voices in my head ... i remember thinking something like - "what the hell?! that's crazy shit if i send all this stuff in. they only want a resume, and i'm going to email my resume AND a 2 page cover memo with 2 attachments? who is going to read this?"

while i was see-sawing between yes, no, and maybe, i felt compelled to reflect on mary oliver's poem - the summer day. after that, i remember thinking - "yes, what the hell! i'm in. this is why i came to this place, and this is who i am. like me or not - that's the point of these things - is there a match?"

the observed outcome ... i was not offered the position after 5 pages of stuff and an interview where i pretty much just spoke from the heart (that ALSO is a story).

the unexpected outcome ... reconnecting with my heartfelt passion - i reconnected with my mission, vision, and values. on october 25, what i thought was a simple exercise of expressing an interest in a position at work by submitting "stuff" was actually - in hindsight - a reawakening of something in my soul. and more than that, i have been feeling that i would love to help (re)awaken the hearts and souls of others.

write from the heart.
it's always a wise decision.
(thanks for sharing this with me)

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  1. Fantastic and so true. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to exploring your blog more. :)


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