Monday, December 6, 2010

just sayin' thanks

thanks ... to my friends for enriching my life and inviting me to be part of your lives.

giving some virtual (re)hugs ... this morning i woke up feeling a little stressed because i didn't get to cubeopolis stuff that i had intended to do this weekend. meanwhile, i spent time with family and friends and myself - time for which it may have been a needed respite from cubeopolis. however, i do realize the value of cubeopolis, so i am committed to play catch-up tonight.

thinking happy thoughts ... anyway, while i was feeling a bit poo-poo and getting ready for work this morning, i thought about a few people (and things) to (re)hug (virtually) and then decided to revisit the past couple of months of posts to remind myself of some of the fun - just sayin' thanks, in no special order, to ...
  • kit for inviting me to share in her clean your closet, change your life transformation. i'm looking forward to her book!
  • fluevogs because they are my indulgence and keep my feet happy, and as they state - they are unique soles for unique souls.
  • rennie because his youthful spirit, wit, and rainman-knowledge of film makes him one of my favorite god-friends. note to self - must visit him in nyc.
  • pete because he brought sci-fi, fantasy, and fun into my college years, and reconnecting him has reminded me of our special friendship and giving back.
  • anna for reconnecting with me and allowing me to enjoy your wonderful hearty laugh in the decade-2000. and congrats on your recent nuptials!
  • todd for reinforcing (and enforcing) the importance of grammar, wordsmith-style, and creative ways to use the english language for wit and snark.
  • kelly for her strength and courage and for sharing her raw emotions. although i missed the memorial this past saturday down south, kelly and dave continue to be in my thoughts.
  • floyd for being floyd - thoughtful, witty, snarky, caring, and truly authentic. and thanks for sharing marlene's artwork. you are blessed to be her husband.
  • marlene for bringing her beautiful art into the world to share with others
  • greg (aka oracle) for his witticism and practicality. he also contributed the quote sometimes logic must give way to equity.
  • chip for his photography, cleverness, and facebook posts.
  • pho queen who will one day be sending me postcards (REAL post cards) from places near and far away.
  • carrie for reminding me how patience, diligence, and friendliness are valued traits - she lives these traits.
  • shelley for introducing me to joan didion and birds and the magic of nature. note to self - visit north carolina.
  • susan for being the first person who introduced me to the term wicked (repeatedly).
  • reggie for being my halloween birthday buddy, albeit 7-years younger and with a different tribe, but that has its benefits!
  • tyler, whom i only know virtually but who has helped reawaken a spirit in me that i have come to reconnect.
time to continue on with my day, my week, and life!
(yes, cubeopolis beckons)

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