Tuesday, December 14, 2010

#reverb10: appreciate

(what day 13 (action) was all about)

day 14 prompt ... What’s the one thing you have come to appreciate most in the past year? How do you express gratitude for it?
(Author: Victoria Klein)

(my commitment to myself for stream-of-conscious writing ... excited to see what pops up as i type!)

naming one thing only? likely as with many others, i have much for which i am appreciative. two sundays ago, i felt compelled to give thanks to several people in my life (past and present). aside from appreciating people - family, friends, colleagues (and my fluevogs - heehee), i appreciate much about life's surroundings and the intangibles - the range of emotions we all experience, the messages and signs we eventually see, ...

one thing ... the first thing that came to mind as i focused on "... HAVE COME to appreciate MOST in the past year..." is actually a person - my growing friendship with shiny penny andy. i have definitely come to appreciate our growing friendship. last year, i would simply have said, "oh yeah, andy? what about him?" (my guess is that there are cubesters who don't "get" shiny penny buddy andy as an acquired taste.)

- how do you express gratitude for it? shiny penny andy is one of the reasons i enjoy my time in cubeopolis. and i express my appreciation verbally and nonverbally. also, andy is a bit of a teacher in the way he communicates, so i am mindful about putting into practice what he teaches and letting him know. i continue to seek opportunities to share life's stories and simply be as present as i can when he is around.

our social and intellectual banter are mixed in with tales of relationships, healthy lifestyle, and personal and professional development. his healthy and not-so-healthy habits (like sneaking in a poptart or two right before tennis) remind me that it's about making mindful choices - and that poptarts still exist (really?!?!). he is a voracious skimmer/reader of print and web info. he has an eclectic mix of interests. and he is certain and clear about those things that do no interest him. he has complete non sequitur moments, blends the linear with the non-linear thinking, is honest, is curious, and is a learning person who gives back to others a rather unassuming manner. he is a hoot!

last year, shiny penny andy and i were just cubesters in cubeopolis graciously saying hello and exchanging pleasantries. this year - i "get" andy and i'm a much better person for doing so.

here's to shiny penny buddy andy -
my written expression of gratitude

(thanks for letting me share your time!)


  1. Oh, I think Shiny Penny Andy is blessed to know YOU! What a fantabulous blog post to read this morning!

    I am grateful to have found you today through #Reverb10.

    My Day 14 Appreciation post!

  2. That's lovely. To have someone like that at work is so comforting. Great post, andy is lucky!

  3. Julie ... thanks for sharing your post.

    Shannon ... thanks for dropping by. Lookin' forward to droppin' by thumb... to see what snippet of lyrics shares your reverb10 post!


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