Saturday, December 4, 2010

#reverb10: wonder

(what day 3 (moment) was all about)

day 4 prompt ... How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year?
(- Author: Jeffrey Davis )

after a rather frustrating moment in cubeopolis very early on in the year - i reminded myself of something i had temporarily lost sight of - my mission | vision | value statements. and after a hastily sent text message to a dear friend, i paused and reminded myself that i chose (and was chosen) to be part of cubeopolis. not that i am yet in anyway knowing of whether cubeopolis is the place for me - but i do know i have a purpose.

as described in my response to day 1's prompt (one word), i simply reconnected.

i plugged back in ... choosing (and being chosen by) activities, experiences, people, and places ... nostalgia, pensive moments, old personal journals, pop culture, urban street scapes, local parks and regional hikes, "crazy paper" writing, music, drawing, and - much to my surprise and disbelief - adding more social media to my life. (leslie MUST be in wonderment of that?!) ...

vicarious living ... part of my wonder comes from my occasionally living vicariously through others' tales of life's ups and downs, as i continue to enjoy my experiences among them. having the opportunity to spend time with someone willing to share his/her motivations, inspirations, fears, successes, lessons-learned and lessons in the (re)learning mode - these moments are more abundant than i had once been aware. and every once in a while, i come across someone who shares similar sentiments as i have shared through my mission | vision | values.

lessons in the making ...
while i am still learning my lessons, i continue to ask of myself and others in my life those questions that can make us feel alive and afraid at the same time -

however, i believe that the most important question, which continues to cultivate my wonder and which i enjoy asking of others - and of myself ...

... why not?

confession ... similar to friday's prompt,
i actually wrote this response on sunday, dec 5 at ~noon.

playing catch-up after switching mobile phones has been ... well, fascinating
(thank you for accepting my re-dating of this post.)

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  1. Why not is a wonderful guiding principle if answered honestly, no?


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