Friday, December 24, 2010

love the holiday (and random) visits ...

... from my friend "the dude" - whom i met just prior to starting my first year in college. today is his birthday, and yesterday was our holiday meet-up. this year - hanging out in SF chatting at mr. & mrs. miscellaneous over post-ice-cream, paragon for drinks and mushroom cigars (sans tijuana donkey), and tres agave (attempting to stalk on foursquare). and for a bonus - my friend nicknamed piragua joined us.
(side note: 1st check-in at paragon got us complimentary
paragon punch drinks. yippee!)

since early 2000s after we ran into each other in berkeley (while we were both living in southern california), we've made a point to meet-up around holidays and pick-up college-logo gear, while also squeezing in fried food, alcohol, and catch-up stories about life. he is still in socal, while i'm now in they bay area. the mini-tradition continues. just a few other key words that remind me of how much i enjoy mike being in my life - bonsai, bingham, calso, dude, mr. dwinelle, flowers, gerbil, text-stalking, and berkeley etcheverry/evans moment asking random strangers whether they knew what a ***job was. (i know - very wrong, but very memorable.)

happy birthday, my friend.
may your bonsai jungle continue to flourish!

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