Wednesday, December 29, 2010

#reverb10: defining moment

(what day 28 (achieve) was all about)

day 29 prompt ... Describe a defining moment or series of events that has affected your life this year.

(my commitment to myself for stream-of-conscious writing ... excited to see what pops up as i type!)

original concept for response ... "see day 3: moment" because i am behind and because this reminded me of that prompt about my friend adolfo. HOWEVER - i THEN remembered ...

early frebruary ...
maybe the 8th or somewhere around there. i know it is on my cubeopolis calendar, so i will update with the actual date.

before a cubeopolis meeting started ... that down time when people are preparing for meetings? informal introductions, inventory of references, teleconference number dialing, paper rustling, asking people for input prior to beginning a meeting ...

talk to the hand ... THAT is my defining moment for this year. as i was responding to the "input" part, i received a talk-to-the-hand that was about 8-inches from the tip of my little nose. i looked around the room for ANY sign of the same shock on my face or even any acknowledgment and sympathy - a few people made brief eye contact, a few others averted eye contact, one looked me dead straight, and others did not witness the motion.

text message to my friend ... "i'm so outta here" - after the hour+ meeting was over, i was not happy.

- that has affected your life this year ... the february moment evolved into a re-evaluation of my cubeopolis lifestyle and a series of events ultimately shaping (and continuing to shape) my cubeopolis existence. in fact, about two months later, a colleague (who also was in that meeting) later acknowledged to others that the-said talk-to-the-hand person does that often enough and with no apology. when she said that, i realized i was no longer upset. AND i realized that i had something brewing in me - good brewing. (oh! and i realized it was not my imagination that i could have licked the-said-person's hand.)

reverb10 therapy ... i have come to see that many of the reverb10 posts may be an outcome of this defining moment - one that i thought of as a pissy-immature-act (and i guess it still could be thought of in that manner) yet one that has certainly allowed me to see the physicality of some of the accepted behavior in cubeopolis AND share my thoughts through reverb10. (i'll get off the soap box - stepping down.)

retro-reverb10 posts ... i decided to look at the posts to date to see those related to cubeopolis in some way, and there are indeed quite a collection 10 (including today's post) - day 1: one word, day 4: wonder, day 5: letting go, day 6: make (i have worn the costume to cubeopolis, and it's how i insert some fun in the day), day 10: wisdom, day 13: action (and actually am helping a friend with an internship program idea), day 16: friendship (who is in cubeopolis, also), day 21: future self (the 10 years ago note), and day 24: everything's ok (because the film was through a cubeopolis event).

defining moment continued ...
reverb10 therapy for talk-to-the-hand moment
(puffy heart)

(thank you for letting me share.)

confession ... i actually wrote this response on thursday morn, 11/30.
because i am behind after yesterday's car fun and cubeopolis-itis.
(thank you for accepting my re-dating of this post.)

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  1. A defining moment in my life - what a great thought to ponder. I will have to get back with you as I have had several in my life, but I'm not sure how to put them down into words. I'll be back...


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