Sunday, December 12, 2010

f|break: sunday long whirlwind fiber break ...

i gots to reflect on my week for a personal fiber break ... because it has been a whirlwind of crazy fun and intense reflection and bonding with my new phone.

do you prefer a regular fiber break ... of video clips of comedy, nostalgika, and/or pop culture? choose from any of the posts over here.

do you prefer to sit with me ... through my extensively long fiber break this morning or afternoon? if so, read on. the whirlwind is great. and perhaps it started sometime last week. in no special order, here are the little whirlwinds of yesterday and today. i'm reflecting on ...
  • reverb10
  • new phone that is training me
  • 750words
  • healthmonth
  • clean your closet change your life
  • cubeopolis training
  • AONC book tour
  • coaching
  • downtime with mom
  • day date with breakfast buds
whirlwind 1 - reverb 10 ... a primary way i am spending my time is with the reverb10. mind you, sight unseen (or unheard of) i figured why not?! after reading about reverb10 and best09, i went heart-first and feet-(or fingertips-) forward ... count me in. i also figured i'd enjoy reading more, supporting people, and learning (yes, learning) how to use twitter on my blackberry. and because i often like to be a participant-plus, i volunteered to give the interactive crew a whirl.

Welcome to Reverb 10! from gwenbell on Vimeo.

really now, who wouldn't want to be part of this fabulous effort with such a fun HQ?! and y'don't have to be part of a crew. just check it out, reflect, write, share, ... whatever hits you. as the fairy godmother @whollyjeanne has reminded me - "just jump in when you can!" (love her tips over here)

whirlwind 2 - droid me ... because it has been a total fail on the blackberry to jump in on reverb10 readily (... yes, i had to reboot regularly by taking the battery out), i decided to finally get a new phone, it's a droid (motorola), and it's training me. still getting used to it since last sunday. (backstory: i've been on verizon (and it's precursors) since 1999, have rock-n-roll'd samsung, motorola, nokia, (re)motorola, and then became a crackblackberry enthusiast. yes, i know the iPhone is around the corner, however, wanting a keyboard and staying with verizon leaves me with droid options.) i am still discovering new things - because i'm not a pamphlet reader - so it's slow but coming. brute-force finding and using features to cheer on reverb10 fun makes poking around the droid all the worthwhile. patience.

whirlwind 3 - 750words ... after signing up for reverb10, i checked out the reverb10 resources and saw 750words. hooked immediately. i used to do the artist's way many years ago in the late '90s, so that was enough to get me hooked.

whirlwind 4 - healthmonth and fatbet ... so buster benson, who created 750words also created healthmonth. with an on-going goal of a healthier lifestyle, i joined, and two other friends also have joined. we formed a team, CDWL@edi. (that's our team pic to the right) we are looking forward to others joining us. it is AMAZINGLY fun, easy, self-motivating (really!), and since starting this month, i've lost 3 pounds. i was telling someone yesterday - i bounce out of bed, am more excited about starting my day, and appreciate completely the support from friends and others. on a separate note, i also am hanging out with a few friends at work who started on fatbet a couple of months ago. healthmonth and fatbet dovetail well!

whirlwind 5 - clean your closet, change your life ... i loves me my kit! the biweekly teleconference workshops (and next one this thursday evening, 12/16, from 6-7:30 pm, pacific) that she has created to support those transforming their lives through clean your closet, change your life (aka cyccyl) are exceptionally motivating, inspiring, and thought-provoking. a must check out. and don't forget to "LIKE" cyccyl to show your support. for me, i'm chipping away; i started small back in late october with my jewelry. i'm loving the results. it's not just about organizing, it is about creating space in my life to manifest my heart's desire. loving it!

whirlwind 6 - cubeopolis training ... i spent 4-days not at my workstation this week, so i could take some training. and thanks to my boss for accepting this time for training! two completely different courses - three days of 7 habits of highly effective people (via peggy leyden) and one intense day of presenting data and information (edward tufte). from contemplative, self-reflection, and introspection to essentially navigating the cognitive aspects for presenting (and really more so designing) how information can and should be received by the consumer - as well as how one engages in this visual dialogue! friday was a complete decompression day.

whirlwind 7 - AONC book tour ... after the first 3 days of training, i attended chris's unconventional book tour stop in SF. one of my team CDWL@edi mates, a new friend, and i spent wednesday evening with chris and others at the rockit room. i came across chris's message via tyler's advanced riskology message. i also had an opportunity to meet leo babatua of zen habits. wednesday evening was a fabulous continuation of inspiration and self-reflection.

whirlwind 8 - coaching ... i have a coach for up to 6 months, and he is essentially gratis, e.g., i am not paying a fee for his services because of how the system is set up. i wanted to take advantage of this opportunity. we met for our second session on my decompression friday. at the end of the coaching session - he definitely acknowledged how much energy and excitement i had coming in to our session. agreed. i am doing this ~ biweekly.

whirlwind 9 - downtime with mom ... when i had percy, my mom came by daily for nearly 3 weeks to help out with some of the "wound management" (all is fine now). every once in a while after the percy-ritual, she and i would hang out - dinner at home, dinner out, television, talking. several friday evenings ago, i was catching up on my dvr programs. we watched fashion police. she LOVED it. and turns out, my mom enjoys glee, chelsea lately, and craig ferguson (and his opening monologues). yup! mom enjoys laughing. and i enjoy spending time with mom.

whirlwind 10 - date day with breakfast buds ... just yesterday/saturday, we breakfast buds spent the whole day with each other - - at rudy's can't fail cafe (partying with grits), bazaar bizarre (with rock star parking and picked up ash & ember, monkey + seal, and great artwork from jaime zollars), mr. and mrs. miscellaneous (fabu organic ice cream and made a new friend), and nibblers eatery and wine bar (where we shared wonderful conversation with the owners trace and daniel). it was great to see what my friends also got at bazaar bizarre and great to have great energy among us.

new whirlwind week ... i have been up since 6 am, weaving in out and out of this post, bopping around my home, and will beheading to farmers market for some tasty produce and people watching, and just living life. one thing i am realizing - these are ALL part of the same continuum.

bring on the fun whirlwind!

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