Friday, January 14, 2011

f|break: friday morn

fbi fun & games? ... did someone say fbi AND pop culture?! i loves me my quizzes! and yes, the fbi has quizzes.

i know i am no longer eligible (at least by age) for an agent position. and after meeting someone who is part of a criminal investigation group yesterday, i decided to poke around various security agencies' sites. so for a morning fiber break - and QUIZZES (!!!) - here goes ... fun & games (over here) at the fbi - for teens, tools of the trade, quizzes, tours & museums (though the fbi museum is closed, there are other museums to visit), and avatars chatting about the fbi. this weekend's fbi fun & games go-to for me ...

tools of the trade (over here) to see weapons
(i know, huh?!)

and at least two of the quizzes

"how about i start with with
pop culture (over here) for $200, alex."

"i'll take famous faces (over here) for $1,000, alex."

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