Thursday, January 6, 2011

just #love2011 it! weekly fun throughout the year ...

love2011 or the love project for 2011 ... is yvette francino's brain-child. yvette (who's signed copy of her book (thank you, yvette!) arrived earlier this week) launched the love project for 2011 on new year's day - a weekly assignment designed to give and receive love ... based on a monthly theme. she shared a little tidbit of the brain-child on her new year's eve blog post -
"I'm copying Gretchen Rubin's Happiness Project idea. I'll blog and learn about love and write a book about it. ... This one will be completely non-fiction and will not reveal the mysterious details of my own love life. ... I chatted with Gretchen briefly and got her thumbs up for me to go ahead with my project and I have some fun stuff in mind... Prompts for bloggers (similar to reverb10), a "website of the week" segment, themes, videos. Stay tuned for more information!"
weekly resources ... each saturday, wednesday and friday, you can count on the following -
  • saturday - the weekly assignment is shared
  • wednesday - website of the week feature
  • friday - funny post
  • throughout the week - "how to's" and other shares
and keep in mind, the weekly assignments are based on a monthly theme. this first month (or two) is self-love.

be curious about love2011 ...
here are links for you to check-out about this week's launch of the love project -
to journal it or to blog it? just love2011 it! ... it is never to late to join the love project for 2011. although i am a little late starting-up, my posts/assignments will shortly be rolling out on the girlnutkin blog. if you blog and choose to join, let me know because it can be fun having love2011 accountability buddies! if you just want to follow my weekly assignments, let me know - it's good to know that you may be checking in.

if you don't blog, it's okay - read on ... after mentioning this to friends who love the love project 2011 idea but do not blog, i do believe non-bloggers can also be part of the love project 2011. here are a couple of ideas:
  • personal journal ... use your personal journal (e.g., hard bound book, paper notes, private on-line journal, index cards, whatever!) to jot down your thoughts about the weekly assignment. given the first week's video assignment, shy? if you're shy about sharing, you can still create a video for you to personally reflect. or maybe just take the opportunity to do a little self-reflection.
  • facebook and the notes page ... facebook has a "notes" page that can serve like a journal of sorts. you can customize who can see your notes page - your friends, other love2011 participants, yvette, friends of friends, etc. ...
  • coffee (or tea) talk, chat amongst yourselves, and scribe ... each weekly assignment will be thought-provoking enough to chat amongst yourselves - from quippy tidbits, to personal experience, to major epiphanies - whatever coffee talk results, talking about giving and receiving love is timeless ... and maybe among you is someone who can shoot a little note over to yvette.
  • tweet a little ... maybe you are on twitter and you have followers (friends and strangers) who may be interested? let them know about the love project - what you are doing, what your friends are doing, what yvette is doing ...
  • photographs ... maybe you love taking photos and it's how you share your thoughts and ideas. part of flickr's 365 or something similar? throw in a little love2011 into your mix. or maybe start your own 365love2011 photo journal.
  • got other ideas? ...
just let yvette and others (and me) know... you're lovin' the love project. drop by her blog - lessons of a laptop dancer - and make sure to let her know how it's going for you, questions or suggestions you have, or ideas for nifty weekly assignments.

lovin' the love project for 2011
(aka love2011)

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  1. Oh my goodness! You did a much better job of describing the Love Project than I did, Shirley! You are one absolutely wonderful supporter and friend! Woo Hoo! You are the MVP of Love!


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