Sunday, January 16, 2011

gathering nuts: shirlnut-WHO?!

girl nutkin ... who the f**k is shirlnutkin, anyway? and what the F**K is this girlnutkin thing she blogging about?

no answer key, yet ...
i am still working on an answer(s) beyond what my header to this blog says ...
"... random yippity-yap stories & ponderings & discoveries about transforming, pop culture, writing, cubeopolis life, and relationships"
and beyond my girlnutkin who? blurb.
(help me, spock!)

and if you DO NOT want to read about my morning neurosis ...
skip to the bottom for what it all means? (though i still don't have an answer,yet) all the other stuff in between is just my brain-dump about my not-so-consistent message about what girlnutkin and shirlnutkin are all about.
this past friday's happy hour blah-blah ... alex and michelle asked what i blog about. with no help from the margarita (on the rocks, with salt, thank you) i cradled, i attempted to recollect my blog's header and my little blurb. poorly answered, i babbled about ...
"... it's just random. it's like a life journal. blah-blah-blah-diddy-blah-blah ... dating. stuff. blah-blah, blah-blah-blah. ... you know ...? i like to write. it's like blah-blah long emails. oh! i had this one post about blah-blah. (insert laughter) and then i like posting about food and restaurants. (oh my gosh! i'm still talking!!! i'm-getting-tired-of-my-voice-and-myself. snooze.). and like, oh! i lived in san diego. here's why i started a blog. (shit! i'm answering a question they didn't ask. blame it on the margarita.) moving ... but then there was this eviction ... (they stopped listening. good. i can stop now.) so, you know. my blog. yeah ... you know ... ?!"
NO! if i don't know, then alex and michelle are not going to know (or give a rat's ass).
technorati-what? ... meanwhile, this week, my technorati claim was complete. i don't even know why i did this, other than someone told me i should do so for my random-blog-topics blog. so i did. check marks a task completed on my springpad.

here is my show & tell. someone want to tell me what it means? (i don't read owner manuals, so i haven't read up on technorati.) here is the description i provided - albeit something i can later edit ...
"girlnutkin in the BA is a journal-type blog of random yippity-yap stories & ponderings & discoveries about my interests in transforming, pop culture, writing, cubeopolis life, and relationships. transforming includes self-improvement and self-reflection through promoting a cultural transformation, spiritual awareness, and creative expression. pop culture includes all things entertainment, fashion, art, and nostaligika. writing includes my expressing myself and exploring my writing abilities. cubeopolis life includes perspectives (serious and snarky) of the conventional work-force environment. relationships include perspectives and experiences with dating, family, and friends. girlnutkin also is a an on-going collection (aka flashbacks) of former blogs' posts."
(too many words. i'm tired reading. i stopped after the first sentence.)

blogger bosom buddies (or B3) ... then there is this fabu foursome of B3 of which i feel fortunate to have been invited to be part! kay, rebecca, yvette, and i comprise B3.

kay did a FABU post of our group (over here or click the image to the right). i like what she shared about girl nutkin ...
"Shirley has been using her blog as a way of connecting and getting inspired by others who think alike. In the past she had done a lot of brainstorming via email with friends and is now sharing via her blog. She describes her blog as "random yippity-yap stories & ponderings & discoveries."
side note: B3 humble beginnings ... yvette brought the four of us together (virtually) late last year. we met on monday, jan 3 (telephony). we started B3 at the beginning of the year and plan to meet weekly, holidays aside. (yes, that means 2 meetings to date.) from the two 30-min teleconference calls (colorado and california) we've had, we have already accomplished quite a bit -getting to know each other, setting weekly goals, email exchanges, group name, a google group, and because we each have a bit of project management in us, we are establishing a general framework to support each of our interests, while supporting each other.
this morn's attempt at shirlnut-WHO? ... i shared with B3 yet another version of what my blog is about, within the context of how any of the B3 gals getting traffic to our blog, which actually has NOT been an objective of mine ...
"my blog's purpose is not to get traffic. the purpose of my blog? ... and I do **not** have a message - other than I crack myself up and I have alot of sh** in my head that I enjoy writing about. I have **not** tried to market my blog (myself), which is more of a "Life Journal" - life observed / experienced. It's really (as I described to Yvette at one point) another "email" to my friends. I have dear friends on the East Coast that check-in. It's another place I can point friends to things that make me laugh, my rants and raves, whatever topic is on my mind, etc. Or if someone has a topic related to my interests that they want me to write about, then I do."
however, i also reminded myself of branding and shared a previous post (over here) about the value of branding.what does this all mean? ... i am in a creative space - open to ideas! i am in this funky fun space where i have this compulsion to "gather my nuts" so to speak - and have a clear message (even if it is just a life-journal) about my girl nutkin blog (so i don't bore me and others ... more .. when i describe my blog).

AND i am endeavoring to develop a separate blog with a message - my message. i envision my message to be the bigger umbrella over my idea about cultural transformation & apprentern shared as part of my post on tyler's guerrilla influence formula post and to be part of my core story (reverb10), and to bring together my yhd for 2011, especially, creative expressions, relationships, work, and special intentions.

wishing myself focus and fun!

* happy hour, technorati,
blogger bosom buddies (B3),
librarything, more B3. this post.

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  1. Yay for B3! Thanks for all your passion!


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