Friday, January 21, 2011

happy thoughts for my friend ...

travel to macau ... that is what i wish for my friend, pho queen, who is, among the more than 500 people (and counting!), vying for chris's free trip to anywhere.

who is chris? ... he is the author and creator of the art of non-conformity. we met him during his unconventional book tour in SF. his recent post on his AONC blog has this free trip to anywhere opportunity. the deadline is this friday evening (TODAY), 17:00 PST (aka 5:00 pm on the West Coast, USA) - for which chris shared ...
"Please post a short comment on this post saying where you’d like to go and why. By entering the contest, you agree that you really will go on this trip if your entry is the winner. ... Our usual biased judges, including my furry assistant Libby (and other more helpful friends), will select one person for a free trip. As the comments are posted, you can also “vote” for another entry if you’d like—but as with any benevolent dictatorship, the judges will have the final say."

dream trip ... pho queen shared with me her dream - which happens to involve travel. she will be submitting her comment to chris, with the hopes of being selected. although pho queen still needs to submit her comment, i am sharing my take and spin on pho queen's dream trip with hopes that it will certainly lead the pack and be chosen - (happy thoughts, all!) ...
"Macau - My Mom and I have always dreamed of traveling together to Macau. This is where I would like to travel with my Mom to trace the footsteps of my Grandfather - my mother's father, whose hometown is Macau. While I will happily pay for my travel, your miles would pay for my Mom's ticket and make this dream a reality. For my Mom, her hometown is in Chile, which she left to immigrate to California for the "American Dream." She and other relatives have shared with me many stories about my Grandfather. I never met him as he passed long before I was even born. I believe, however, it is his spirit that fuels my love of travel and discovery.

We know little of my Grandfather's life in China. We do know he traveled from Macau to the U.S. sometime in the early 1900s and decided to live abroad for the rest of his life, finally settling in Santiago, Chile (where my parents are from). Our traveling to Macau to discover a part of our family history/genealogy could certainly lift the mystery surrounding my Grandfather's legacy. He left us a legacy by taking an enormous risk leaving China during a tumultous time, for which my Mom took a similar risk leaving Chile. And I believe traveling to Macau would mean connecting the dots for my Mom and me to piece together our family's history that has continued to elude us. I am eternally grateful to have my Mom - she is my heart and soul, and I am hers. This trip would mean connecting to the piece of family history that has always eluded us - and allowing us to share our dream with others. Thanks for this generous opportunity."
just a few resources from randomly selected interweb-meister-sites to get pho queen started ...
... so when she returns, we can go to mr. and mrs. miscellaneous and hear about her trip!

perhaps i am being optimistic, but i believe in her dream, and i believe she and her mom will soon travel to macau. let's make it happen!

i look forward to pho queen's
post cards, blog posts, videos, and souvenirs from macau -
but more importantly, i look forward to
she and her mom's discovery of a life once-lived.

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