Monday, January 31, 2011

#love2011: thoughts on week 5

the love project ... i posted my week 5 assignment yesterday about ONE WORD to describe myself. and i am waiting for friends to help out on the extra credit - ONE WORD for them to describe me - which i will post what i have received by tuesday evening.

(WANNA LEAVE A WORD? feel free to leave ONE WORD (or a few one words, as some friends have decided to do so) anonymously as a comment or not-so-anonymously.)

meanwhile, this has made me think about my december reverb10 activities, some cubeopolis activities, and the journaling that i do. so this post includes some reverb10 flashbacks, along with encouragement to strive for self-awareness, which definitely involves feedback - like the ONE WORD sharing for week 5's love project!

reverb10 memories ...
i was reminded about much of the self-reflection during december reverb10. below are a a couple reverb10 moments that came to mind -
  • day 1, one word ... "Encapsulate the year 2010 in one word. Explain why you’re choosing that word. Now, imagine it’s one year from today, what would you like the word to be that captures 2011 for you?" - i chose reconnect for 2010 and enthusiasm for 2011.
cubeopolis discovery question ... week 5 also reminded me of a cubeopolis activity. i was given a set of 8 questions to answer that were part of discovery questions - intended for "... pondering ... stimulate your thinking" - and pretty much part of self-awareness and creativity rolled into one. (separately, i came across this interesting website with the same name - discovery questions.) when asked the following question, i answered -

"think of someone or something that inspires you.
what are the qualities you find inspiring?"

capturing thoughts for self-awareness ... i LOVE my friends, MANY who are self-aware about their imperfections, gifts, talents, and asshole moments (by choice). i also know many of my friends are in a discovery phase or (re)discovery phase in their life. although i may sound like a broken record, three things that i have found that remind me of discovery -
  • giving a "thank you" ... AND MEAN IT when you say it. it's THAT SIMPLE. let someone know you are thankful for something they have done. and if you'd like, share WHY YOU ARE THANKFUL - "i really appreciate that you ..." is always welcomed. people can't read minds (as far as i'm aware).
    • "you are welcome" ... remember to punctuate a thank you that you receive.
    • it's a gift ... my little story that has taught me to accept thanks and gratitude. when someone says "thank you" to you, it is A GIFT. please ACCEPT the gift; do not take-away from it. i did this in 1994 when a friend commented on how lovely i looked in a dress i was wearing. i said, "oh, this is just a dress i got, ...". she cut me off reminding me, "please don't take away the gift i gave you. you brightened my day. this is when you simply say - thank you." (thanks, trena, for the kick in the ass more than a decade ago!)

  • journal ... a place to store thoughts and ideas - writing or electronic, either way.
    • a small journal (e.g., action method, moleskine) that is the size of a man's wallet will do. i carry two with me in my purse.
    • a substantial journal that can sit on one's desk as a "shrine" of thoughts and activities - a nice big, weighty, elaborate journal. i keep one for my scanner activities. (i am starting one for 2011; my B3 gals are reading refuse to choose!)
    • springpad is my electronic tool via an app and on-line access, a kind of complement to my hand-written journal activities.

  • gratitude journal (or app) ... a subset of keeping a journal - for the specific act of identifying for what you are thankful. there are MANY references to this on-line, so here are a few, along with perspectives about gratitude - create your own at i am thankful, here is what oprah has to say, create an on-line journal where you jot down 5 thoughts of gratitude each day, here is a WSJ article on gratitude, and for the iphone, there is happy tapper.
okay ... tick-tock on the


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  1. Thank you for your thoughtfulness, continued support, and insights. You are a very special person!


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