Monday, January 17, 2011

observations, perspectives, stereotypes ...

on asian mothers ... last weekend's WSJ article why chinese mothers are superior (an excerpt from amy chua's memoir - battle hymn of the tiger mom) drew quite a bit of attention and controversy - not just in the blogosphere but among cubester friends and colleagues.

i came across the article because of a brief-minute stairwell conversation among cubesters, and as part of a cheeky moment, i mentioned it a fiber break with a clip from modern family. and as part of a separate moment, i thought about my tongue/cheek dating white men post.

bite-sized updates ... here are a few (and yet there are MANY) follow-up resources -
here is alison stewart's need to know interview clip (over here)
for ~ her 7:25 min interview with amy chua

Watch the full episode. See more Need To Know.

"generations ... immigrants ... mother ... daughter ..."
"it really captures some truth"

"it's a memoir ... and it's a memoir about
my own mistakes, my pulling back ..."

"i actually wrote this book in a moment of crisis ... my daughter"

my quick thoughts ... i haven't read the book, yet. but my initial reaction - it's a memoir that is spurring dialogue and reactions across many minds. let me read what chua has to say.

other books on the nutkin's shelf and nightstand ... meanwhile, i have quite a bit of books for which i am still finishing-up as part of my self-directed, self-motivated study around topics associated with ignorance, knowledge, and race, as well as cultural context and psychographics - several tim wise books, yoshino's covering, a couple of luis rodriguez books, collection of essays written by asian american and brought together in claire chow's leaving deep water: asian american women at the crossroads of two cultures and garrett hongo's under western eyes.

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