Friday, January 14, 2011

buddies' food-bites at bossa nova

bossa nova ... a brazilian-themed restaurant in san francisco (139 8th street, at minna), bossa nova is pretty nifty. bossa nova (on their page and on yelp) is a 2-BART-stations-walk from cubeopolis (aka not quite around the corner from cubeopolis) and good walk with friends. (it's a quick walk to the civic center BART station.) as stated on their page -
"Bossa Nova Flavor.
Created with the look and feel of the Favela, Bossa Nova brings the flavor of Rio's Streets to San Francisco. The Favela (Rio's vibrant ghetto culture) is the birthplace of Samba and Bossa Nova. Music and dancing bursts out of dancehalls and clubs into the Streets. The air is fragrant with lime, sizzling churraquinho and fresh seafood. Cachaca flows as freely as conversation. The Favela is the place of the people."

side note: of the 8 cubesters signed up for a health challenge (, 3 cubesters dined at bossa nova this past wednesday night as a mid-stream reward. weight goals were set in mid-september, and the final check-in for progress toward one's goal is 15 february.

food-bites ... with rules that some of us have for limiting our weekly alcohol intake, we did not try any of their specialty drinks. (we are saving our alcohol allowance for this friday's happy hour.) we did, however, each try a couple of small plates. among us we tried -
  • tuna tartar with ginger, radishes, avocado, amarillo
  • fried yucca (for which we had 2 servings)
  • ceviche "peixe com limao" with red onion, pickled jalapeno
  • sashimi "hamachi tiradito" with rocoto chili & yuzu dressing
  • fried plantain chips with lime, salt (... lesson-learned - if the chips are over-cooked, they may look okay but will not be tasty)
dessert bites ... we shared 2 desserts - molten chocolate cake with fresh whipped cream, and powdered sugar ... and coconut flan (with toasted coconut flakes).

we'll return (with the lesson-learned about the fried chips) to sample other foods, check out their live music, and perhaps dance-sweat a bit with our not-so-professional samba moves.

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  1. Can I say how much I love the BART! You are one LUCKY gal to be hoofing around on that nifty train.


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