Saturday, January 1, 2011

breakfast buds & fmk new year's napkin frivolity

last year ... breakfast buds had our 2010 napkin frivolity as shared over here while we sipped bloody marys and/or mimosas, munched on over-priced tater tots, and brunched on tasty nova bar offerings.
(apologies, no explanation of last year's napkin frivolity will be disclosed; we have resolved to put that behind us.)

this year's napkin frivolity ... the original idea was new-words-mash-ups with the intent of adding new definitions to urbandictionary. i started us off with 3 words, HOWEVER, (warning that the rest of this read may be considered rated R for some - or mean-spirited or offensive ... although not intended to be so), the alternative frivolity won over - identifying three people for several rounds of FMK - f**k, marry, kill. the rule is that given three people, choose one to marry, one to kill, and one to ... you get the point. (you can only choose one, and you must choose.)

napkin evidence ... as we sat at the counter over at ella's, the goal was for each of us to take turns choosing three people for each other such that the decision for fmk would not be obvious. usually, the easy approach is to choose the "bookends" - three people a person really likes or three people a person could do without. two examples as follows: (1) george bush, dick cheney, karl rove. (2) angelina joli, selma hayek, jennifer aniston. in the first example, cheney is often dispensed quickly; in the second example, it is a mixed bag.

trifecta combo ... eventually, it comes down to finding that one person (or two) that ends up on the kill end. it may sound ridiculous, and perhaps it is, yet this morning, fmk brought quite a bit of laughter, especially with the right (or very wrong) combination of three people while we verbalized the decision-making process.

more than the napkin fmk ... we continued fmk after brunch - undocumented - while we drove around SF and took a little break near the legion of honor and then later decided to head to nova bar for bloody marys (as we had last year). let's just say that fmk later devolved to combinations such as strawberry shortcake, care bears, and teletubbies, as well as disney's snow white, pocahontas, cinderella.
happy new year, breakfast buds!

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