Sunday, January 23, 2011

ssp|potb: a visit to altared spaces to connect ...

altared spaces ... this is a website, altared spaces, created by rebecca mullen, who is part of B3 - blogger bosom buddies - one of four women who have come together to support each other - connecting with each other and those around us.

i visit altared spaces each week (and so do others), and i have come to enjoy rebecca's thought-provoking questions for each post. and for each post, i have found my little gems to ponder. (i am thinking altared spaces may be my reverb10 fix. heehee. a good thing.)

rebecca shares this about altared spaces -
" ... Whether the altars in our life come from a coffee cup, a bracelet made with intention, yarn swirlies on an old orange juice can, or a tunnel of trees that catches us off guard, they become the reminders of who we are and who we are becoming. Sometimes these altars are presented to us, and for that I am always grateful. We can create a spot of reservation; an altared space; a place dedicated to cultivate high voltage and subtle insight.

If we surround ourselves with killing frenzies and battle scenes, video games aimed at destruction and social divisions like black and white, democrat and republican, gay and straight, we become embattled, divided people.

If we, instead, surround ourselves with tokens that remind us to connect, giving ourselves tunnel vision for the particulars that make the world beautiful, we will find beauty abounding each day."
upon my first visit to rebecca's site after yvette (the love project 2011 creator) had introduced us, i have enjoyed the growing connection, and i view the world a little differently every day - altars ... altared spaces - i have better come to see, observe, appreciate, and find (or realize) meaning in those simpler things and events around us. i have been altered. (learn more at altared spaces.)

clogged vacuum clogged life ... this was the past monday's altared space post, which for which i totally smiled, grinned, chuckled, and pondered. then i shared with rebecca the gem for me in the post - "i kept forgetting to check the hose between the two."

and reading this altared space reminded me of some of my reverb10 reflections about silver lining friendship and about everything's o.k. connectedness.

on being clogged and unclogging ... my comment along with rebecca's response. (click image on the right) as part of what i shared -
"for me, i realized after my december reverb10 daily writing marathon-ish (mostly relying on stream-of-consciousness writing) that i somewhere got sucked-in (or let myself get sucked-in) to being clogged with others in my life who lead a bit of a clogged life – dream zappers of my dreams, dream zappers of their own, or those that are actually indifferent to dreaming."
- for which rebecca then shared -
"Connections. Yes. Open pipelines vs the ewww where our dreams get zapped. ... I find that the more I can clear the gunk away the more connection are opening in my life. I see more birds. I have more time for art. That elusive 10 minutes to practice a few yogic sun salutations appears. The right people seem to show up at my doorstep. I find this fascinating. Maybe the birds were there all the while. Of course they were. I was simply too clogged to view them."
DITTO! ... "i was simply too clogged to view them" ... for which this reminds me of a quote ...

"in the fields of observation,
change favors only the prepared mind.
- louis pasteur

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  1. How kind of you to pay so much attention. Truly. Thank you.


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