Sunday, January 16, 2011

f|break: sunday morning

commercial ... i neither have hanes socks nor have i gifted a pair. however, i do enjoy this little commercial.
enjoy your fiber break with mom coming home (over here)
for ~30 seconds with father, son and better-fitting socks

"it's a special paste i invented to replace socks ..."


  1. As a married person, I'm disappointed in the lack of support the wife shows her husband here. If anybody, a spouse should be supportive of the other spouse's ideas. Also, she violated an important rule of relationships and of management. She criticized the husband's idea in front of others; "that's really stupid." This commercial is offensive.

    Bill N. in VT

  2. billn ... as an unmarried person, on the contrary, she came with gift in hand. consider this, she'll probably be the one fixing the bed after the jump-a-thon. (what say your other half?)


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