Saturday, January 29, 2011

h|month: on gluten ...

and #healthmonth plea for fruit ... i have been doing well, along with help from friends and other health month players throwing fruit at me (for which i am mindful to reciprocate).

plea for fruit ...
meanwhile, this is the month i started looking to limit gluten. and for those playing health month, you know what this fruit thing means. UNTIL YESTERDAY, just 4 days shy of the end of the month (aka for 27 days), i WAS on a streak. operative word is WAS. (FRACK, FRACK, FRACK, FRACK!!!) as such, i broke out the plea for fruit.
sometimes i'll beg, confess, whine plea, and other times i won't. and when i emote, bitch, whimper plea, i do so to share some of the voices in my head, aka conscience, with other health month players. i really want to be guilt-free as i continue with a more health-minded lifestyle.

virtual fruit-feeding frenzy ... as health month players know, the goal is to end the month with at least one life. for indulgences, you lose lives. to regain lives, fruit is needed - 2 from other players or 4 for self-healing. (do the math. it helps to have supporters and kind strangers at times.) and you MUST make a plea for healing - even if it's for yourself. i think in the real life, fruit-giving is akin to your friend giving you a big hug and saying it's okay. and some people are big huggers!

end of the month goal? one life ... at the beginning of each month, we all start off with zero fruit and ten lives; fruit does NOT roll-over. 10 indulgences will get you back down to zero lives; 13 indulgences will get you minus 3 lives. meeting your daily rules 100% gets you fruit, others may gift you fruit, and/or additional fruit ALSO may be gained by the spin of the game wheel (however, maybe not - it's luck of the spin). regardless, the objective is to meet your rules - ideally you have set them with the intent of meeting them, maybe there are some simple rules, maybe there are some extremely difficult rules. but they are your rules.

gluten-me-less ... i chose to limit gluten to 6 days a week, because i wasn't really sure what that would mean. meanwhile, team CDWL@edi member smiles is limiting gluten to - ONE DAY a WEEK! (go smiles!) here's why i chose that rule for january and why i am keeping it for february ...
  • colleague's allergy - a cubester (aka work colleague) just became allergic to gluten - MAJOR allergic reaction. at that point, i figured it would be good to learn more about what it means to have a gluten-free lifestyle. and although i do not know if my cubester has this, i have learned about celiac disease, an autoimmune condition.

  • cooking - i have been doing more home-cooked meals (esp. with cooking dinner as one of my health month rules), and learning new recipes is fun. so i figure this also is a great way to learn to cook gluten-free. quinoa, eh? didn't know, and at least i have learned how to pronounce it.

  • fad or not? ... i am not a fan of diets (although when i was much younger, i dabbled in a few), but i do understand the importance of a health diet. little article in every day health about going gluten-free: the new fad diet.

  • chronicles of a fierce fathlete and then some - my friend, joanne, has mentioned to me about the + and - of gluten. on her blog, in addition to sharing her crossfit WOD, she often shares helpful links. so i'll throw in a few she had and add a few more that i came across when i started the month learning about transitioning into less gluten ...
    • article in huffpo on "gluten: what you don't know might kill you"
    • mayo clinic on a gluten-freet diet, including quick notes about food to always avoid, products (non-food) that may contain gluten, caution about cross-contamination in food processing, allowed foods, and cautions on not getting enough vitamins and nutrients
    • recipes from elana's pantry for organic gluten-free recipes, for which she shared - "When my son and I were diagnosed with celiac disease, this three-year study came in handy. Celiac disease is an inherited autoimmune disorder triggered by eating gluten. Out of necessity my cooking took on an entirely new dimension as we both went on a gluten-free diet."

damn you my failing memory and hot dog bun ... regardless of why i am looking to limit gluten, this is a picture of what contributed to my losing at least one life point yesterday - tasty onions + jalapeno chicken apple sausage in a freakin' gluten-laden hot dog bun.

yes, gluten. it was neither the soda nor the chips that lost me a life point. although, the soda may have contributed because i was shy 3 glasses of water for my weekly goal of 56 glasses a week. three. i know, just three!


(even though i know it is pronounced GLOO-ten, it had 3 syllables in my head when i pressed the button to say YES, i had gluten.)

lessons learned? ...
from this little indulgence along with other rules, a few lessons learned have come to mind -
  • habit: look at and remember my rules ... i have my rules posted in my home office, my kitchen, and cubeopolis. would help to look at them, eh?
  • habit: look at the STATUS of my rules ... before i start my new day's turn, review my last turn's report to see where i am at, e.g., on a streak, just right, etc. or OOPS!
  • accountability: let someone know ... let some team CDWL@edi members know what i'm working on for support from them - especially those indulgences that i am working on curbing. post to the game wall or email our godfather, carlito (a friend who is randomly checking-in on us), for support.
  • learn: read about what i'm looking to achieve with my rule ... just revisiting the websites i shared in this post helps me remember the benefits of why i chose my rule.
got a health month rule to share?
got lessons learned?


  1. Omg! Love that pic! Lemme know if u want to chat about gluten.

  2. thanks! shiny penny andy enjoyed being photog (i think he did, at least). product placement at its best and worst.

    on gluten ... would love to. i think it'd be neat to have YOU pull even a little similar post (you can send an email unless you want to also be able to author on this blog - i can set that up) with your various reasons for limiting gluten, tips, and pitfalls.

    xoxo - thanks for dropping by!

  3. We also have gluten and other food allergies at our house. Your picture made me laugh out loud. Something to help strengthen your gutt is i5 by Xymogen ( You have to purchase it through a practioner such as a chiropractor or naturopath. We've been on it for 6 months and it has worked wonders for us.

  4. kay ... thanks so much. i'll also let me friends know, and i'll check in with my chiro.


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