Sunday, January 22, 2012

yhd for 2011

yhd ... aka your heart's desire. as i have done in the past as part of transitioning into a new year, i yhd. this is my yhd2011. and because of december's reverb10 experience, yhd2011 feels a bit more streamlined compared to past years -- not surprising given my decision to spend 31 mornings of stream-of-consciousness writing on reflecting and manifesting.

author sonia choquette's your heart's desire: instructions for creating the life you really want is a workbook of sorts with 9 principles. back in 1999, a dear friend, deb, recommended yhd to me because of several life-stuff going on in my life - and when dear friends recommend something, i am going to give it a whirl. for me, i consider this a woo-woo book - a kind of spiritual and law of attraction thing. as stated on choquette's website -
"There are metaphysical laws at work in the universe that bring to us both what we want and what we don't want, depending on our habits of thought and behavior."
9 principles ... deb mentioned the book was like a workbook. (did someone say "workbook"? i'm in.) each chapter includes exercises as part of learning the 9 principles presented by choquette. the principles (in order) include ...
  1. focus your desire (bring your dream into focus)
  2. send clear messages to your subconscious mind. repeat them and make sure they are positive (gain the support of your subconscious mind)
  3. deeply imagine realizing your goal ~ do it in detail (imagine your heart's desire)
  4. establish order in your physical environment (eliminate your obstacles)
  5. open yourself to your intuition ~become aware of synchronicity, etc. (be open to intuitive guidance)
  6. rein in impulsive behavior (choose to support your dream with love)
  7. honor the power of your words ~ say what you mean (surrender control)
  8. persist in your dream (claim your dream)
  9. surrender to divine power and allow the universe to do the rest (stay true to your dream)
side bar: woo-woo + non-woo-woo = shirlnutkin ... so here is the deal with yhd and me - it has been my downtime when i regroup and a good companion to other non-woo-woo forecasting activities. when i ran my own business for 13 years, i did the non-woo-woo strategic planing, scopes of work, annual meetings, quarterly tax stuff, monthly billings, weekly meetings, project management, and lots of other blah-blah outputs - no nonsense tangibles. then i recall it during the 2000-2001 transition, i co-mingled yhd & non-woo-woo. (it was similar to tyler's how to write your biography 40years earlier, but without the pie and gantt charts. and note to self: blog about my "red book and crazy papers.") co-mingling results? 2001 was a banner year - and i mean MAJOR BANNER YEAR! then 2002, 2003, etc. followed suit. however, since being part of cubeopolis starting in late 2007, i have pretty much been more non-woo-woo with just a few sprinkles of woo-woo. banner is dormant but bubbling. i have decided - it's time for recapturing that banner year feeling!

4Q2010 knocking at yhd2011 ...
the last 3 months of 2010 were filled with quite a bit of activity. nutshells for october, november, and december remind me of several highlights - more writing, more reading, healthier decisions and activities, reconnecting, new friends, (re)cubeopolis, shoring up home stuff, and on & on. i discovered (or rediscovered) advanced riskology, reverb10, lessons of a laptop dancer, AONC, healthmonth, CYCCYL, 7habits, cliffieland, projectrungay, and on & on. after finishing up december's nutshell, i realized i was rounding the corner to prep for yhd2011.

initial yhd2011 take ... with that said, below are the 10 areas (as part of choquette's little workbook) to look at in one's life - and here's my initial yhd2011 in order as they appeared for 2010 along with this year's relative ranking ...
  • 1_health & body ... this means the sphere of physical health and well-being, including weight loss or gain, beauty, exercise, sport, and recovery from illness
    (past years' ranks - '10 @2, '09 @2, '08 @1, and '99 @8)
    • mindset - be free of health management meds, get more fresh air, eat more organic, mindful of perimenopause, seek more locavore, reverb10 day 18 try (see also creative expression)
    • tools - myfitnesspal, president's challenge, healthmonth, yoga, cardio-kickboxing, home cooking, chiropractor, massages, go red betterU, race around the regions, on-line resources, like-minded people

  • 2_finances ... this includes the sphere of income, savings, debt payoff, and money for purchases, adventures, and indulgences
    (past years' ranks - '10 @1, '09 @1, '08 @3, and '99 @5)
    • mindset - complete taxes on time, suze orman-ing, eye toward retirement, invest in environmental-related options, be philanthropic, have reliable accountant, reverb10 day 20 beyond avoidance, take weekend get-away retreats (see also work, home)
    • tools - bookkeeper/accountant, eeba, kim foote, the prosperity game, uboc, books, on-line resources, friends/financial advice

  • 3_creative expression ... this includes singing, dancing, painting, writing, healing, intuiting, inventing, building, designing, photographing, acting, producing, filiming, cooking, gardening, sculpting
    (past year's rank - '10 @7, '09 @6, '08 @6, and '99 @4)
    • mindset - write short stories, blog with a message (or two), promote and support other writers and bloggers, hone skills for storytelling and improv, cook meals for friends, transform mom's vhs to dvd, participate in the love project, use the watercolors karen gave me, reverb10 day 2 writing, day 6 make, day 28 achieve (see also spiritual)
    • tools - guerilla influence formula, love2011, improv class, mac/apple tools ilife, art class, music, books, on-line resources

  • 4_relationships ... this includes the sphere of love, romance, marriage, divorce, children, parents, relatives, friends, neighbors, partners, and pets
    (past years' ranks - '10 @3, '09 @3, '08 @2, and '99 @6)
    • mindset - reconnect with friends, attend family gatherings, long-term/committed relationship with a man, let go of some relationships, time for a house pet, reverb10 day 6 community, day 9 party, day 16 friendship, day 24 everything's o.k., day 27 ordinary joy, day 25 photo, day 14 appreciate, day 15 5 minutes, involvement in/writing about local community, do photo journal type activities, seek like-minded people to support creative expressions yhd (see also creative expression, travel & adventure)
    • tools - facebook, love2011, on-line dating, p2p, race around the regions, 7habits, CYCCYL, other social networks and on-line resources, city's dispatch, paddy's coffee shop, favorite foodie stop-offs, like-minded people

  • 5_work ... this includes where you want to work, what you want to do, how much you want it to pay, whom you want to work with, the environment you want to work in, the rewards you want to receive, the amount of independence you want, and the contribution to the world you want to make
    (past years' ranks - '10 @4, 09 @'4, '08 @4, and '99 @1)
    • mindset - reconnect with mission|vision|values, (re)cubeopolis, express creativity, lead a cultural transformation, renew a mission|vision|values from 7habits, help create refinements to internship program, be part of external activities, reverb 10 day 29 defining moment, support aapi activities, discover how/what/where i want to work, feel seamless between life and work activities (see also creative expression, relationships, finances)
    • tools - p2p, 7habits, race around the regions, internal connections network tool, internship program, new employee orientation workgroup, apac, external environmental groups' activities

  • 6_spiritual ... this includes the sphere of personal discovery, healing old wounds, recovering personal power, expanding intuitive awareness, discovering new dimensions, remembering your true spiritual identity
    (past years' ranks - '10 @5, '09 @8; '08 @8, and '99 @7)
  • 7_special intentions ... this includes anything not directly covered in the above
    (past years' ranks - '10 @10, '09 @10, '08 @10, and '99 @2)
  • 8_travel and adventures ... this includes travel, sports, recreation, retreat, world exploration, psychic exploration, and new experiences of every kind
    (past years' ranks - '10 @9, '09 @7, '08 @7, and '99 @9)
    • mindset - see reverb10 day 22 travel, day 28 achieve, day 25 photo, re-establish reiki to heal others, visit friends in u.s., travel where a passport is required, visit california's nature locales, continue hiking, try two new sports or recreation activities, take weekend retreats, travel to visit/meet like-minded people (see also health & body, finances, creative expression)
    • tools - passport, on-line resources, luggage, journal
  • 9_home ... this includes buying, selling, renting, remodeling, building, moving, acquiring roommates, decorating, and designing where you live
    (past year's rank - '10 @6, '09 @5, '08, @7, and '99 @3)
    • mindset - create and maintain an inviting home to entertain family and friends, create personal space for meditation and reiki, redecorate, garden, reduce number of (simplify) home possessions (see also finances, creative expression)
    • tools - books on home decor/creating space, cyccyl, shed, on-line resources

  • 10_possessions ... this includes any and all physical objects and property that may make your daily life more joyous, more pleasurable, more comfortable, more practical, and more fun
    (past years' ranks - '10 @8, '09 @9, '08 @9, and '99 @10)
    • mindset - learn how to use mac's multi-media apps, continue auto upkeep, enjoy blogging, honor my journals, reverb10 day 30 gift, day 26 soul food, create a vibrant kitchen/cooking area, have on-the-go-travel items (see also travel, home)
    • tools - mac's programs, kitchen utensils, electronic gadgets

vision board
journal cubby
hall of awesomeness
in-home retreat space
game plan for reverb10 day 28 achieve
get my GLEE GUM


  1. Oh my goodness! So much to think about! I don't know how you manage it all, girlnutkin... you have an amazing mind!

    I think I will blog about the woo-woo and point to this post tomorrow!

    So glad to have met you!

  2. yvette ... you are too sweet! will be interested in seeing what you do with woo-woo. and of course, i am excited to have met you and getting to know you.

  3. I am overwhelmed.
    You are so a scanner.
    woo-woo vs. practical: are you thinking mindset/tools?

  4. rebecca, thanks for dropping by.

    i hope "overwhelmed" can be an o.k. thing. (having this stuff in my head on paper/digital makes life much easier for idea generating and project implementation. i can have a little anchor point. ... there goes the non-woo-woo part). and interesting question you pose ... hmmm? let me think about that a bit.

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