Friday, January 13, 2012

f|back: a crush

grrrrr yum! ... thanks @mikeroweworks (on twitter, web, facebook) not only for your being eye-candy but also for your fabulous discovery channel dirty jobs show insight, your entertaining math skills (clip below), AND your thought-provoking TED talk from december 2008 (over here).

 mike rowe of dirty jobs

math is fun!

("if you need to, we got open space. you can do the long division ... 23, 650 ... mathematical acumen ... 23.7 ... mud = 17 lbs/gal ... 360 trillion algae cells ... $3.70 per bite...")
 BONUS - another facet of mike rowe (over here)
for ~ 20:03 minutes on
"... his insights and observations about the nature of hard work,
and how it’s been unjustifiably degraded in society today."

  anagnorisis (discovery)
peripeteia (turning point)

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