Friday, January 20, 2012

today's @fluevog official-ish count ...

fluevog iv and haight street's jim and denny.
fluegasm (re)ERRATA-ing ... simply put, this asian did her math WRONG. (i'm the asian.) today, it is 23 pairs. this is based on an "official count" with vog-a-holic joanne over here and my yesterday evening purchase at the haight street store. LOVE the spring 2012 collection and colors! (and i'm crossing my fingers on the operetta brightman and looking forward the continued unveiling of spring '12.)

math oopsie ... in november, i posted that i had 23, as in the prime number - see over here. after reading the post, looking at the pictures, and counting out loud with joanne, while pointing at the screen (which was repeated 2 more times), it WAS actually 22 during the november count. i counted wrong. brain fart.

welcome new vogs ... yesterday evening's the new addition - the bellevue | etta place. and i LOVE  the ribbon laces, so i'll enjoy seeing what other ribbon colors will be fun to mix up. my feet will happily wear the soft white pair. they are described as soft white. it seemed in the lighting there was some faint color behind it - maybe a cream-ish or pink-ish. i'll give it a whirl in natural sunlight and see what's up. - i dunno.

visual recap ... twenty-two, shahwenty-shree, square root of π ... if someone wants numbers and reasons, here are 15 reasons to love fluevog over here. ... regardless of the count ('cuz there certainly are many reasons), i have shoes that make me (and others) smile. and i have accessories, also.

count-along ...
9 pictured. (right?)
12 + 1 (blk malibran not pictured)

and for accessories ...
operetta clutch
eddie weekend bag

next in line of sight 
i puffy heart operetta ... oh the brightman! as i may round-out for an even number count (or as i approach the next prime number), i am determined that my feet will meet a pair of brightman.
thanks jim, denny, joanne 
for a FABULOUS after cubeopolis experience.
see ya soon as spring 2012 rolls in to the haight store.

(UPDATE: twenty-four. yup, 24, as of january 21.)

OH! AND if you need company, family guy's
brian and stewie over here can keep y'all company. 

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