Wednesday, January 4, 2012

my 3 words ...

for 2012 ... thanks @chrisbrogan (on web, twitter) for a nifty start to 2012.  he shared his 3 words for 2012 over here - temple. untangle. practice.

my turn ... as an incentive to reflect and ponder, my 3 words for 2012* are -
believe ... i believe wholeheartedly - in myself, in others, and in my core spirit. this is not a "religious" thing for me; it's about having my own understanding and being clear about the creativity that swirls around in my head. swirling in my head are many memories, reflections, ideas, possibilities, wonderment, emotions, and just plain thoughts. in october, i shared about humility over here, which included a little tidbit about The Belief System™ - excerpted here -
"basically says that when it comes to motivation, what a person believes is often more important that what really is. ... believe they can make the change ... believe there will be an outcome or consequence if they make the change ... be something they want ... Belief 1 - Confidence, Belief 2 - Trust, and Belief 3 - Satisfaction ... much more to the The Belief System™ ... basics will be enough to show how the concept applies to behavioral change."
- and with a train the brain four steps of self-assessment, motivation, practice, and feedback.

my swirls are sometimes jotted in my moleskine, on my springpad, or on my blog. mind maps. voice recordings. journaling. swirls everywhere. and among the swirls - where my many strong beliefs already reside - there are the occasional blips, tidbits, bruises, and speed bump thoughts -"what if ...?" blips, "huh? no really?!" tidbits (e.g., where rigid science does not plainly explain things like reiki), "but why not?" bruises, and "o.k. ... soon" speed bumps. so for 2012, i'll gather my swirls and enjoy gaining clarity in, being clear about, and engaging in my beliefs.
foresight ... i choose living with foresight. inspired by servant leadership coursework with the greenleaf academy, the topic of foresight was part of required readings. robert greenleaf once stated, "the failure (or refusal) of a leader to foresee may be viewed as an ethical failure. ..." from this, in daniel kim's "foresight as the central ethic of leadership" (an adapted version referenced over here), kim takes a "deeper look" at greenleaf's statement, and presents his thoughts about the power of choice. kim also shares, "in the end, foresight is about being able to see all things that are important to our future." and although this was presented within the context of transforming organizations, this has value for personal foresight. so for 2012, i'll be mindful of connecting my activities to my core values and identity within the context of foresight.
expressive ... i am creatively expressive. writing and speaking are the basic go-to for expressing thoughts, ideas, and other things swirling in my head; seeking opportunities to write and speak more will be part of 2012's express-yourself moments. and 2012 also will include seeking and learning new forms of and venues for expression. back in late january 2011, i tried out improv classes over here and continued throughout 2011; 2012 will see more improv moments! i'm going to give cartooning a whirl per ivan brunetti's cartooning: philosophy and practice. (check out this little promo over here)

why cartooning? well, i've never tried it, so why not?! so for 2012, i'll look forward to surprising myself (and others) using different forms of expression.

believe. foresight. expressive. 

* finally feeling much better
to sit propped up in front of my computer
to post my 3 words for 2012. phew!

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  1. Great post! I've been doing resolutions for the past, almost 10 years now and have developed ways to check-in throughout the year. It's taken some time and discipline. However, I LOVE the idea of three words. My words for 2012 are productive, energetic, and collaborative. :)


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