Friday, January 6, 2012

#healthmonth - starting 2012

@healthmonth ... with team CDWL at edi over here is still up and running with a mix of folks that varies monthly. 

a year in review ... overall, looking back at my months and rules i've chosen, habits have formed and a few i'm continuing to develop. i've had my share of being consistent and not so consistent with my health month activities. i missed one month of not registering our team; lesson learned! and i didn't finish out a several months, but that's okay. overall, the monthly self-awareness (and no-guilt) and support from my team members and
others also playing with health month is great.

visit health month
what's health month? ... it's easy and fun and up to you to choose your habit-forming rules. try it out over here for free and just let me know if you're interested in giving it a whirl; here's a bit more about the origin and how to play.

habits ... it has been nice to have habits formed (and forming) through 2011. i like the motivation tidbits that health month's buster benson shared as january 2012 approach - A Compact Guide to Creating the Fitness Habit, by Leo Babauta and 3 Tiny Habits, by BJ Fogg. (i will be signing up for 3 tiny habits!) i've tried a variety of health month rules, as well as maintaining a few familiar rules every month. through 2011, i have tried out a rules in all categories - diet, exercise, mental - and at different frequencies and goals. overall, my 2011 has resulted in ...
  • modified and/or reduced my intake of ... dairy, alcohol, pasta, fried foods, red meat, snacks, white rice (yes, really!), soda.   
  • increased my activities of ... tracking meals, eating fruits, eating greens, eating local foods, bringing lunch to work, cooking dinner, eating organic, being social, drinking enough water, exercising, meditating, eating more nuts-beans-seeds, eating whole grains. 
  • tried out or revisited a few things here and there that sometimes sticks (or not so much sticks) ... eating bright vegetables, yoga (iyengar), limiting gluten, limiting processed food, tracking dreams.

starting out for 2012 ... for the beginning of the year, i decided to go with several familiar rules at achievable levels, especially because i welcomed 2012 with sniffles and antibiotics. there are a few "stretch" rules, but to cheer myself on, i kept extreme rules limited for january. i'll ramp up in february.

coupling health month with my 3 words ... for february, i will be adding some custom rules to dovetail with some of my 3 words for 2012 activities.

thank you, buster, 
for health month!

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