Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 mash-up goals

mash-up? ... yup! mashing up yhd + my 3 words + scanner tendencies + 3 tiny habits (upcoming) for being in 2012. it is all part of my continual effort to pursue my curious discoveries.

what does it all mean? ... it's just how i "australian-shepherd" (aka herd) what's swirling around in my head AND my heart AND my hands. the beginning of the year is simply a convenient time, however, there's readjusting throughout the year.

overview mash-up ingredients  ... the following lists a little about each of the mash-up tidbits.

yhd ... or your heart's desire is something i started in 1999 (more detail over here for yhd2011), thanks to my friend, debbie. author sonia choquette's your heart's desire: instructions for creating the life you really want is a workbook of sorts with 9 principles. i consider this a woo-woo book - a kind of spiritual and law of attraction thing. as stated on choquette's website -
"There are metaphysical laws at work in the universe that bring to us both what we want and what we don't want, depending on our habits of thought and behavior."
9 principles ... each chapter includes exercises as part of learning the 9 principles presented by choquette. the principles (in order) include ...
  1. focus your desire (bring your dream into focus)
  2. send clear messages to your subconscious mind. repeat them and make sure they are positive (gain the support of your subconscious mind)
  3. deeply imagine realizing your goal ~ do it in detail (imagine your heart's desire)
  4. establish order in your physical environment (eliminate your obstacles)
  5. open yourself to your intuition ~become aware of synchronicity, etc. (be open to intuitive guidance)
  6. rein in impulsive behavior (choose to support your dream with love)
  7. honor the power of your words ~ say what you mean (surrender control)
  8. persist in your dream (claim your dream)
  9. surrender to divine power and allow the universe to do the rest (stay true to your dream)
ten categories ... there are 10 categories one can touch upon. i identified tools and put forth a mindset for each category, and as part of my own journaling and personal reflection, revisited each regularly. the 10 categories are (here, listed in order of my yhd2011):
  • health & body, 
  • finances, 
  • creative expression, 
  • relationships, 
  • spiritual, 
  • work, 
  • special intentions, 
  • travel & adventure, 
  • home, and 
  • possessions. 
my yhd2012 ... although i will be mashing up for 2012, the yhd categories will continue to serve as my basic framework because i have become quite accustomed to my yhd process for being mindful.
my 3 words ... i mentioned my 3 words for 2012 last week over here - believe, foresight, expression. a little bit more about chris brogan's my 3 words is that it includes a #12in12 (from over here), which is basically accomplishing something each month. 
my friend, yvette, wrote an article last year for pick the brain over here about monthly habits. as a side note, yvette (her blog) - also boulder examiner's dating advice columnist - suggests another creative idea of using the alphabet throughout the year over here - every week, just move on to the next letter in the alphabet. (and yes, it's not just for dating.)

3 tiny habits ... i learned about this through health month. bj fogg (on web, twitter) states  -
My expertise is creating systems to change human behavior. I call this “Behavior Design.”
- and 3 tiny habits is explained a little more over here on shareable. although i won't be starting yet, i have signed up; i received health month has been a great similar approach. this is actually a bit akin to the health month fun i also mentioned last week over here.

yup, this is how i am herding
my 2012 swirls!

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