Thursday, February 10, 2011

yhd2011: what i'm doing with it ...

yhd ... aka your heart's desire, is my way of (re)setting annual goals. it's a process i go through to remind myself of
  • possibility
  • creativity
  • tenacity
  • patience
i have been doing so since 1999. and i would gladly help anyone else! my off-the-cuff-process ...

mini-mind map ...
after i establish my goals, i start to doodle, draw, and diagram the 10 areas onto tracing paper (because when i carry my yhd around, tracing paper is definitely much lighter weight).

the 10 areas ... my 10 areas in order of goal-pecking order - health & body, finance, creative expression, relationship, work, spiritual, special intention, travel & adventure, home, possessions.
each of the 10 areas has a dedicated color.
(thanks stabilo mini 18-colors pens and zazzle brights highlighters!)
each of the 10 areas has a little icon.
(and each of the icons remind me that i didn't go to any arts school, but i had fun!)

inter-relatedness ... then based on my mindset (aka intentions), i look at the inter-relationships among the 10 areas. i also look at any shared tools (used to activate intentions) among the 10 areas.

thinking space for mega-mind-map ... i carry around little journals to jot those ideas, activities, tasks, notes, etc. to keep mindful of my yhd. i also am working on my vision board, which i've termed as my hall of awesomeness. (stay tuned) and i carry my phone (always - for the most part) - my droid phone. i use springpad to jot notes. AND recently - a new addition to my droid apps - thinking space - a portable mind mapping tool for android that also has a web-based portal. my hope is to keep the creative juices flowing on the mind-mappy-thingy.

keeping my heart's desire alive
while keeping my phone charged

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  1. You are way too organized lady. Don't let that engineer-organinzed brain stop your creative brain.


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