Tuesday, January 31, 2012

3 tiny habits: day 1

soon to be cleaned water glass next to eyebomb'd phone.
fun with @bjfogg for my tiny habits one-week experience. day 1 (monday) - victory for all 3 tiny habits! (a quick overview of the "how to" for tiny habits from an article over here)

my tiny habits ... on sunday, i mentioned about my participating in 3 tiny habits over here. the duration engaging the tiny habits is from monday - friday.  my 3 tiny habits are pretty tiny, indeed (thanks much to the guidance fogg provides).
  • after i sit down in my office chair, i will place my water glass next to my phone.
  • after i park my car at home, i will clean out one thing from my car. 
  • after i come home after working, i will place my work bag near my stool.
... and after receiving bj fogg's email asking 2 simple questions (needing only yes or now responses), i shared in my first daily check-in -
  • whether i did my tiny habits today -  "yyy" (aka yes, yes, yes)
  • whether i intend to do them tomorrow - "yes, definitely! this is fun. i am seeing these "anchors" in my life, and it's neat! meanwhile, i'll continue with my 3 tiny habits!"
... and by anchors, they are essentially solid habits i already do.

health month upcoming coupling ... and because of this, i can see how i will definitely benefit from applying this to the health month rules i am choosing for february's health month. in fact, i have not been consistent in meeting my "drink XX glasses of water a week" rule. well, guess why i decided to make one of my week's tiny habit of having my water glass next to my office telephone?

got anchor?
get habit!

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