Thursday, January 26, 2012

f|break: acquired taste chuckles

thanks @whitestkids (on web) for nutty, outrageous (and sometimes off color) sketch comedy. will see whitest kids u know (or wkuk) this evening at cobb's comedy club (over here) as part of sk sketchfest (2012 schedule). here are two wkuk clips - one with an 'environmental-ish' theme and one that involves a whiteboard in cubeopolis.

(re)enjoy a fiber break with the whitest kids u' know (over here)
for ~2 minutes with ocean 2.0

"this is an exciting, new time for our ocean. this is ocean 2.0."

"mother nature ... frankly, i'm excited to see
how she is going to adapt this time"

"as a scientist ... what's most amazing about this recent 

"the oceans have gained an attribute ...
but you couldn't always set it on fire."

 BONUS fiber break with WKUK (over here)
for ~3:55 in cubeopolis

"what'd d'ya do last night?... tell me or i'll fire you."

"so m'man ... do you wanna draw it?"

"there was a video camera?!" 

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