Monday, January 30, 2012

puffy heart the nerdist

THANKS @nerdist @mattmira 
for the fun, post-midnight, meet and greet after your january 28th sf sketchfest show - the nerdist podcast - at the regency's grand ballroom.

at SF Sketchfest's The Nerdist Podcast: Chris Hardwick, shirlnutkin, Matt Mira, gadgetman
although  we didn't get to meet/greet with jonah ray (on twitter, tumblr) because he had to be at his sf sketchfest the meltdown show, glad that chris hardwick (on twitter, web, google+) and matt mira (on twitter, web) hung out through the bitter end - which was at least until 12:30 am. (by the way, math is fun - we were in line for almost 2 hours. gadgetman and i were at least 2 times the age of the hipsters kids people who lived with their parents others waiting. and i had another 1-hour before i'd be back home after dropping off gadgetman.)

scarf by binarywinter on etsy
prelude ... before taking photos, there was the obligatory stand in line for a long time, get excited when chris and matt were in line of sight, meet, greet, gratitude, sharing bacteria via shaking hands, pulling out sharpies for autographs (although chris and matt didn't ask us for ours, but that's o.k.), and chatting up a little small talk.

go-to small talk ... dr. who. more specifically - TARDIS. and more tangibly - the TARDIS scarf (from binary winter) that was one of my xmas gifts to gadgetman. sharpies + scarf = memories!

paparazzi time  ... while i often take my glasses off when photo opps are on the horizon ...
(est. 12:01 am) chris hardwick, shirlnutkin, matt mira
 ... mira's "ahhh ... keep 'em on!" encouragement resulted in this next photo. (good call, mira! great organic specs, hardwick. thanks!)
(est. 12:02 am) chris hardwick, shirlnutkin, matt mira
(notes to self: check (if hardwick's pic makes it on), relive part of the evening with twitter's #nerdistSF, find out if dan harmon blacked-out and/or up-chucked and how his show went, watch inspector spacetime clips, don't forget the meltdown @meltdown_show, find my bluetooth for my android and fix my android's podcast-thingy, and continue to swoon over chris hardwick.)

enjoy a little fiber break with kunal nayyar (over here)
for ~50 seconds of bromance yippity-yap

agreed ... chris hardwick is, indeed,
funny and intelligent!

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