Sunday, January 29, 2012

3 tiny habits starting!

from Fogg's Behavior Model site
THANKS @bjfogg (on twitter, web) and his team for this week's opportunity to experience 3 tiny habits. this will be my first week to be part of changes in my behavior.  

when i learned about tiny habits ...  buster benson (on web, twitter), creator of health month, mentioned 3 tiny habits in an email just prior to signing up for the january 2012 health month. and given that my january '12 health month rules are intended to contribute to overall goals for my different elements of health, reading about  bj fogg's behavior model (FBM) over here immediately made me realize why several health month habits have stuck with me, and why others have not. for some of my rules that i have not been regularly meeting, i can see where - when considering FBM, the 3 elements of motivation, ability, and trigger - the elements are askew in how i approach particular health month rules. there are sprinkles of all three elements, however, their converging at the same time? uh ... not so much. 
my 3 tiny habits ... i've primarily chosen "organizing" habits for my 3 tiny habits. my after anchors include after i park my car, after i sit down in my office chair, and after i come home from working. i understand it is not necessary to pick habits in one area, however, these were the first that popped into my mind after reading about the program, reviewing examples, and heeding your words - 

simplicity changes behavior

rethinking approaching goals ... after being introduced to tiny habits through health month, i immediately thought about my whole yhd goal-setting event and activities that i've been doing since 1999. although i am neither well-versed in nor have i read about the depth's of fogg's model and findings, persuasive technology lab, and related resources (for instance over here), what fogg has provided on his site is extremely accessible, in my opinion. in other words, it's not all gobbledy-blah-blah-jibber-jabber-yappity-yap speak. it's a great read! (that's a compliment.)  after beginning to dive into fogg's information (which totally made clear more of the "how" for chipping at my yhd), rather than rethink or redesign my "goal stuff", i figured i'd throw 3 tiny habits into the mix as part of my 2012 mash-up of goals.

where will 3 tiny habits lead me ... 
and where will i lead myself?!

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