Tuesday, January 24, 2012

improv TEDxTalk

made up theatre's level D improvisers!
thanks AGAIN @davemorrisisa @lynncazaly for continued motivation - i am reminded that improv is much (MUCH!) more than performing. and more so than ever, i'm looking forward to our MUT level D class show over here on march 4! i am realizing what a great group of improvisers that i have the pleasure of playing with every sunday evening.

i really enjoyed dave morris (on twitter, web, facebook, youtube) for his talk on the way of improvisation at a TEDx talk where he shares on his blog over here. also, there is a GREAT set of visual notes (or graphic recording) over here from lynn cazaly (on twitter, web). dave presented his 7 rules, and lynn - one of the the folks who had the pleasure of attending dave's presentation - captures the 7 rules very creatively on one page.

enjoy a TEDxVictoria fiber break with dave (over here)
for ~10:50 minutes on the way of improvisation

  • PLAY - engaging in something for the joy of it.
  • LET YOURSELF FAIL - failing does not make you a failure ... i'm an improviser, i'll just start again.
  • LISTEN - listening is the willingness to change. we're present in that moment ... listen, react, and change.
  • SAY YES - a series of yeses will take us somewhere
  • SAY AND - "and" is some sort of connection, and you're on your way to working with people and creating something
  • PLAY THE GAME - anything that has rules to it ... what rules do is they free us up to improvise. by giving ourselves these constrictions that guide our impulses, it funnels our creative process into some kind of product.
  • RELAX AND HAVE FUN - if we're doing that ... a much more enjoyable life

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