Thursday, January 19, 2012

f|break: on generations

comedy ... thanks @haderonline (bill hader on twitter, SNL bio) and vanessa bayer (with SNL bio) in an SNL sketch - you can do anything - that is a bit of a commentary, as well, on the youtube generation. the cleverness has not been lost on some, but a few friends were a bit defensive ... hmmm? nevertheless, i chuckled!

enjoy a fiber break with bill hader and vanessa bayeer (over here)
for ~ 4:11 minutes on you can do anything

“you can do anything… the only show that celebrates 
the incredibly high self-esteem of the YouTube generation."

"you're so self-promotional, and everyone enjoys that."

"is that why you're so sucky and you don't realize it?

"because i have no shame or self-awareness."

"no, no ... on the contrary, my self-esteem is through the roof, 
uh, because no one has ever been honest with me about how mediocre i am."

“i tried, and therefore no one should criticize me.”

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