Tuesday, December 27, 2011

improv round 4 + counting ...

thanks @madeuptheatre (on web, facebook, twitter, yelp) for another fun improv opportunity. our recent show on december 19 was fun!  we have a group of eleven peeps - with a great variety of experience, interest, and excitement! and we have great instructors!

1-year anniversary soon ... my first class with made up theatre's improv A was on january 31 (over here). after 8 weeks, i was still a bit uncomfortable with the possibility of performing, so what a better way to over come the fear by moving on to improv B?!

performances down memory lane ... with that said, my first and second shows were on june 11 and september 9, respectively, with a first group of other folks. (yes, i do have a video from the september 9 show. for fun ... i have figured out how to turn watching the show into a drinking game.) three of us from the first group continued with MUT and joined eight others to play more! my third show was on october 27.

why improv for me? ... someone asked me why i continue with taking classes. well, there are a variety of reasons. as a start, contrary to some perceptions, i am not a person that is naturally comfortable as center of attention. yes, i'm gregarious, however, i tend to enjoy and often prefer small group interactions. how does this relate to improv? well, when i've shared why i continue, i often will refer to several tidbits in the book truth in comedy: the manual of improvisation - a few tidbits that can be applied beyond improv performances and stage work ... 
Honest discovery, observation, and reaction [are] better than contrived invention. … listen … connections cannot be avoided … respect choices made by others … accept and build … avoid preconceived notions … welcome the silences … there is action in thought … reflect each other's ideas.
ANYONE can benefit from improv!
your turn ... monday, jan 2nd!

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  1. It's inspiring to see your posts about improv. Making stuff up on the fly is challenging and I think it's a real craft to process this quickly. Looking forward to seeing a show in 2012.


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