Saturday, September 10, 2011

f|break: saturday morn

the morning after ... it's the morning after my second improv show @madeuptheatre (on facebook, web, yelp, twitter, youtube). unfortunately, we didn't take a group picture after yesterday night's performance, so this pic is from after the june performance.

thank you ... to those who made it over to the show - becky, idalia, joel, nicole. i definitely appreciate the support, and i'm glad you had fun! and as you know, the show was videotaped! and yes, i will share what i can. meanwhile, for those who made it to the show, one word -


- and YOU KNOW what THAT means! sock dreams? sock fetishes? well, whatever new meaning "socks" takes on for you, i'm glad to have shared (and created) the sock moments for you! AND you'll get a re-share when the video is available, so you may (if you choose to do so) relive our improv story for the suggestion "socks" - and that baby scene. yes, THAT baby scene. (shiver) the baby scene. the baby scene. the baby scene.

improv +baby ... to hold you over until the video is available, fortunately, it turns out that seasoned improvisers can pull of a scene with a baby; not that we didn't, but just sayin'. 3 for all (on facebook, twitter, web, youtube), who will actually be performing this friday and saturday at SF's bayfront theater, performs a scene with a baby.

enjoy a fiber break with 3 for all (over here)
for ~ 2:52 min (but no socks, though. heehee)

what to wear

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