Friday, September 2, 2011

got servant leadership?

applying key practices ... with @greenleafcenter, sept 9 will be the first of five classes in the applying the key practices of servant leadership in the coming months with the greenleaf center for servant leadership.

foundations ...
last week, i just completed the foundations of servant leadership, as i had described in a previous post - the day after ... i took the first class. here is my final paper's intro paragraph.

getting started ... just as with foundations, we have a class wiki. our instructor is jeff miller (@jeffmiller79)
and dolores jones (over here) is our program coordinator. our course requirements include -
  • keep up with the reading
  • be on as many of our conference calls as possible and be open to learning, sharing, and asking good questions
  • keep a journal of your thoughts, questions, reflections
  • contribute your thoughts and questions to our wiki
  • submit a final "reflection paper" at the end of the class

- and in preparation for our first class, we are asked the following -

  • have the first two sets of readings done
  • log into the wiki and introduce yourself
  • start my journal on thoughts/reflections
- and what a collection of readings(!) -
  • start with humility
  • seven pillars of servant leadership
  • foresight as the central ethic of leadership
  • it's your ship
  • authentic conversations
  • (via dvd) james autry keynote on love & profit
- and then there are a couple of suggested considerations for tools -
  • mindmapping
  • sensemaking
i'm excited
(while reading!)

refreshing & regrouping ... time to start a new springpad note

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