Friday, September 9, 2011

f|break: friday ... got improv?

yes, improv again ... tonight with other fellow improv students at @madeuptheatre (on facebook, web, yelp, twitter, youtube) in fremont, with the show starting at 8 pm. this will be our second show as a group.

this group picture is from our first show back in june. after 8 weeks in the beginners class (aka MUT Improv A) and another 8 weeks as part of MUT Improv B, our performance back in june was kind of like graduation of sorts. now after another 8 weeks as part of MUT Improv C, as described by our instructors, we are taking our ABCs and performing.

made up theatre shows ...
every saturday there is a show at made up theatre, and as improv goes, every show is different! our instructors are fun. poached from MUT's facebook, here are a couple of pics from their performance at the 2011 san francisco improv festival.

and if you want to take a bit of a long fiber break, kick back.

enjoy this long fiber break with the made up theatre (MUT), aka the eye-candy guys (according to one of the emcees), (over here) in a clip of ~ 30 minute when MUT performed at the SF improv festival. and yes, shirlnutkin sponsored them! head over here at IndieGoGo, and you, too, can support them!

... that's what she said ...

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