Tuesday, August 16, 2011

gave ya #improv ...


first show on june 11 ... on a saturday evening in june, these three words were the opening suggestions for the level b improv show @madeuptheatre (on facebook, web, yelp, twitter, youtube) at made up theatre.
  • part 1 of the show - channel surfing
  • part 2 of the show - montage
it was 6 of us who've spent 16 monday evenings learning about improv. this was our first time on stage. and this was my first time on stage.

starting off the evening ... thanks so much to sean taylor. not only is sean a great host, he is a member of 5 play improv (on facebook, web) and laugh track city (on web). and thanks to gadgetman (aka joel) for several clips from the evening.

two clips from the show ... the first clip is simply the introduction to our show, so you get to see all six of us getting paired up for channel surfing. the second clip - is from the montage portion.

enjoy the intro while learning about the shows format,
meeting the level b group, and meeting the channel surfing pairs
(for ~ 4:30+ minutes)

here's a portion of the second half of the show's montage for ~ 6 minutes

lessons learned ... the various lessons learned (in a good way) as i reflect on the evening and as my friends remind me of ...
  • shooting a rifle ... the trigger is the one close to your chest; it's not at the tip of the barrel.
  • blow torch ... really? i chose to defrost elephant meat with a blow torch?!
  • jumping up and down ... how to say this delicately? the gals were bouncy.
  • apparel adjustment ... speaking of, be mindful of adjusting while on stage.
  • alphabetical or numerical order ... absolutely love the cleverness of listing transgressions in such a way!
thanks to alejandro, joel, leslie, nicole, roberto, and scott -
for taking time out of their saturday evening
to support the show
with other level b friends & family!

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