Friday, August 26, 2011

f|break: friday morn cloud me...

mornin' after sade ... an AWESOME date night with pho queen. new learning? perhaps my obsession with watching the move step up 3 (yes, i'm admitting it) is because of the occasional daniel "cloud" campos (on twitter, facebook, myspace) dance scenes. or it's just my guilty pleasure. regardless, thanks pho queen ...

enjoy this morn's fiber break with shakira and daniel (over here)
for ~ 3:30 min with did it again

(and if you need a little more to speed read, shakira sharing background (over here) of making the video.)

and let's flashback to wednesday's fiber break with sade (over here)
for ~ 4:05 minutes

i know my eyes already like you

thanks, pho queen, for a fabulous girlfriend date night
let's matchy-matchy with
our glow girlie tees in cubeopolis next week!

1 comment:

  1. Our 3rd concert together and I still haven't gotten to first base! Just kidding! Fun night, too much yummy food and then great music.


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