Monday, August 15, 2011

i spy squalor over two weeks ...

(see may '11 almost all-nighter tribute)
a must-clean-up-this-shit

now that i have relo-cube-alized.

cubeopolis ... since the last squalor moment, i have moved two cubes down the aisle. i am now sitting near windows. however, some things haven't quite changed. once again, squalor has evolved. on august 11, days of squalor accumulated over the course of approximately two weeks. granted, the pot-of-gold was realized (ultimately on august 12), however, remnants of the evolution of squalor remains

deconstructed cube-o-rama slice o' life ... time to play (AGAIN!) i spy STUFF as of august 11. let's i spy STUFF (roughly from left to right)...
  • clock (with 3 time zones)
  • programs from a cubeopolis event that ended on aug 4
  • empty plastic container that once held pineapple slices from l.a.g. (from earlier in the aug 8 week)
  • silver cylinder container with paper clips
  • gift from a friend of "flower power" candies
  • gift from a friend (same one who gave the flower power candies) - a yodelling pickle (yet to sing its virgin voyage yodel)
  • green alien stuffed toy
  • red gerber daisy vinyl wall sticker
  • cylinder toy that makes the noise of a sheet
  • cow candy dispenser that makes a moo sound when it "poops" out candy
  • stimpy stuffed toy (of ren & stimpy fame - or infamy - created by john k)
  • two coca-cola zero soda bottles with ~ 1.5 inches of liquid left in each bottle (from some time who-knows-when)
  • java jacket (one of many)
  • calculator (RPN, thank you very much)
  • telephone headset hanging under the desk/credenza
  • fiber one oats & chocolate wrapper
  • water container
  • large soy latte (or whatever is left of it)
  • container of colored markers
  • USB flash drive
    (that i often forget to take home with me when i plan on working at home)
  • bejeweled computer screen with a "rear view mirror" that i use poorly
  • stickers - little hearts in a box behind my computer screen
  • document holder with documents
  • keyboard
    (likely with crumbs of what once was in the fiber one oats and chocolate wrapper)
  • pictures and paper galore, including niece+nephew, pigdog, malia+javier, guac monster, sculpture (once at laguna art museum), tim biskup mini-cards, picasso postcard (from de young exhibit museum store), artwork post cards from kelly paige standard and adolfo girala)
  • crumpled, compostable napkin
  • two containers - one for pens, one for white board/dry erase markers and erasers
  • fiber one box with other fiber one chewy bars
  • gold painted piggy bank
  • blue polka dot bean bag
  • panda bear stuffed tow
  • tape dispenser
  • macbook pro
    (that still needs to be upgraded from tiger to lion ... i know - skipped over snow leopard)
  • buddha board (gift from secret valentine)
  • federal budget wind-up toy
  • stapler
  • penguin (knitted) phone holder
  • desk accessory holding yellow stickies
  • stuff under desk
time to clean up
my part of cubeopolis

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