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final class @greenleafcenter

our final class ... the certificate program of the foundations of servant leadership, which has lasted 5 months, has come to a close this morning. during class, i had a few references for participating in this morn's discussions, not to mention accessing the wiki, my blog posts, and my springpad.

30 seconds to describe servant leadership ...
among other activities and readings in preparation for this morn's class, we were asked to prepare and share a 30-second description of servant leadership. toward the end of this blog post is my 30+ seconds of describing servant leadership. meanwhile, a quick overview of my journey through this class ...

the beginning ...
we started in april (over here). our class has a variety of people, primarily u.s.a. based, with one gentleman in europe. we come from different walks of life. we share many different levels of interest about servant leadership as part of our life, our reality, and the reality of others. during the first two months of class, i shared several posts (over here) about my on-going greenleaf-inspired thoughts and feelings. i also was quite active on our class wiki.

and then ... cubeopolis happened, life happened, and something (or someone - me, perhaps) started to shift ...

prolific writing lull ...
toward the end of may, i became very, VERY mindful of our class readings as i observed life around me and my own choices, behaviors, and actions. (also, my 8-week improv class was coming to an end with a first show on june 11.) while at cubeopolis, there were many times i observed the lack of (and the pleasant surprise of) those characteristics that have been used to describe servant leadership. and for whatever reason, i spent EACH DAY of june and july compelled to take note (on my springpad) of at least one quote, action, behavior, or observation that not only fed my interest in servant leadership but also fed my growing interest in improv. now it's august. and this morning's class has ignited a little flame.

lull no more for final class paper ... with my final paper due in a couple of weeks on saturday, august 27, our paper is -
... expected to reflect learning, knowledge and insights that merit the certificate
... while also being mindful that -
Greenleaf says that the journey to servant leadership begins with self, and reflection is part of that journey. The paper should reflect our journey through the class.
thoughts about paper ... with that said, i have had several ideas throughout the class about my approach for content development of the final paper -
  • self-reflection to self-awareness journey
  • evolution of ah-ha moments
  • observations of those work-day behaviors and actions that are and are not supportive of servant-leadership characteristics
  • generations (as shared in this previous blog post over here)
  • the potential nexus of servant-leadership integrated as part of cross-boundary collaboration
  • how a weekly improv class learnings has brought to life many of the key characteristics of servant leadership
  • my 1994 epiphany and how this servant leadership class and journey continues to shape my mission, vision, values
one other inspiration ... yesterday, i took the opportunity to talk with a woman i met a couple of weeks ago through a cubeopolis effort. our chat was filled with mutual admiration and thankfulness for crossing paths. and for me, my brief experience with her has certainly shaped my contribution to this morn's class. here is what i shared/spoke for my 30-seconds description ...

(starting with the context of my core vision)

my '94 epiphany ... as part of my class/public journal, i shared part of what i felt led up to what' i've called my '94 epiphany during a very early morning -

There are BRIDGES yet to be constructed by those who live and

breathe in their ENVIRONMENT— AIR, LAND, and WATER. Egos stand firm

on the ground that they were born and choose not to acknowledge that

to get one step closer they must go one step FURTHER.


my mariel-inspired share ... as part of helping summer interns refresh their resumes, i felt a nexus to servant leadership and described it this morning to the class ...
one can experience servant leadership when engaging with people by ...
  • acknowledging each person's voice and story,
  • connecting each person with his/her personal gifts and talents,
  • seeking to understand each person's values, goals, and objectives,
  • creating opportunities and tools to empower each person, and
  • providing a framework for mutual follow-up through direct involvement with others.
it has been a wonderful experience and pleasure to be part of the foundations of servant leadership certificate program. i am looking forward to the next class - applying the key practices of servant leadership.

thank you isabel,
greenleaf center for servant leadership,
life observed & experienced!

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