Sunday, August 28, 2011

f|break: sunday word fun

it looks like this ... my final paper's word cloud (via wordle over here).
(you can visit it over here, also)

thank you, wordle ... you are one of my go-to sites (over here) when i am in the mood to copy-cut-paste-wait and then go on to my next how i pass my time for now moments.

side bar - greenleaf final paper ... my paper - the place and the setting will evolve - for my foundations of servant leadership course assignment with the greenleaf academy, as described over here and with the first paragraph teaser over here, makes me want to write more. but before i do that ...

i'm in the mood again ... how about i do a little wordle-scaping of the original ...
(you can visit it over here, also)

your turn,
so i can visit!

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